Technologies of Tomorrow

Blades, pistols, shotguns, glaives, sniper and assault rifles – all of these are at your character’s disposal. If that is not enough, you are welcome to use a turret or a massive combat robot. All of it does not exhaust the full list of weapons and hardware available to you.

Robots are insanely powerful weapons that have little problems drowning their surroundings in fire and explosions. Get inside a humongous piece of moving machinery and feel the ground tremble beneath your feet. Robots are heavily armed and well-protected. They will get you through the most dangerous areas where your regular armor will prove not strong enough. These death machines cannot be underestimated on the battlefield.


Combat robots are not the only way to make your enemy cower in terror. Covers will transform you into a mutant capable of carrying out symbiotic or psionic attacks. Use the parasites living in the body to heal yourself or your fellow party members. Summon various creatures to your aid to attack the enemy while you are a safe distance away.

Have a taste of what it’s like being a close-range fighter! Use manipulators to enhance your physical strength and deal a devastating damage on any of your enemies unlucky enough to cross paths with you.

All three types of special equipment are unique in their own way, with their own advantages and weaknesses. But all of them, with the right amount of thought put into it, can turn you into a god of war!