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A Couple of Ideas

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Fairdwin, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. Fairdwin

    Fairdwin Inquisitive Silver Avalonian

    Oct 21, 2016
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    Hey, so I have a few ideas I thought the Devs might like. Some if not all have probably been considered.

    Light: Give us a flashlight, make it an item that is needed and see's a lot of use. This entails making area's/zone's that are dark, no light sources what so ever or very few. Make it matter.

    Customization [Armor]: I don't know where this stands, but it would be cool to be able to modify armor. Colors, designs, running lights? Things like that. I also don't see how paint would be hard to find. It's not like this is the stone age, we have mass production.

    I had more, but I lost them. I'll probably add on to this in the future.
    --- Oct 24, 2016 ---
    Few more ideas.

    Nature is a Bitch: If there aren't plans for major weather hazards? There should be. Sand storms, Torrential rain, Snow storms; for some we're familiar with. For a Sci-Fi setting and in general other worldly you have; Acid Rain, Ion Storms, Maybe people can come up with more? The general idea is that the weather alters how you play within it.

    Sand Storm: Does light damage, heavily reduces vision, will shred anyone not in full armor.

    Torrential Rain: Causes flooding? Cuts down vision, slows everything.

    Snow Storms: Does light damage? people not in full armor will freeze? Cuts vision.

    Acid Rain: Does light damage, does light damage to gear over time, will rapidly kill you if not in armor.

    Ion Storms: Depletes shields.​

    Character Customization (Visuals?): Ok, so I've seen some cool stuff in games, but never anything that lets you do things like determain if you have a prosthetic. Lets use an example. Say I replace my left arm with a cyber arm, then it should give me the option to A) alter the visuals of my armor to show that arm + some bits of extra armor over it or B) not show it and have just normal arm armor graphics. This may seem like a minor and extraneous thing, but it effects the placers 'self image' of the character.

    Cybernetics (Powers?): So a few ideas for different cyber pieces. These ideas come from a PnP I've been building off and on, so if I need to clarify something say so, I'm probably just going to rip them out and drop them here.

    Reactive Cloaking: External sensors detect the surrounding environment and adapt the field around the body to become invisible. As long as you are hidden you are treated as being under full concealment. Movement is reduced by 50%
    Displacing Field: When the system has gained full adaptation to a given position, computing power is directed to predicting rapid movement adjustments to the field to maintain full concealment with short movement bursts. When you gain full concealment you may take a 5 foot step.
    Phantasm: When making a stealth check you may always take 20.​

    Spinal Arc Augmentation: You gain the Arcing power.
    At-Will + Technology, Lightning
    Immediate Interrupt Self
    Trigger: You are hit by a melee attack.
    Target: Creature that triggered power
    Attack: Int vs. Fort
    Hit: 1d4 Lightning damage.
    Zeus Spinal Arc Upgrade: The damage of your Arcing power increases to 3d4 lightning.
    Mechadendrite [Machine Tendrils]: You gain 6 Mechadendrites attached to your back.
    Mechadendrite 1d8
    Natural Weapon - Adamantium
    Critical: 20/×3
    Range Increment: 10 ft
    Type: Piercing
    Hardness: 20 / 135 x6
    The Mechadendrites give you +1 on all grapple checks and +1 to craft checks for craft skills you have training in per functional Mechadendrite. Durability damage is dealt to each mechadendrite in sequence. You also gain Mechadendrite Shot.​

    These are just some ideas, thoughts that I think could be cool, and probably, no definitely would need a bit of refining.All the same, they could be cool too.

    I think that's all for now. Hope people like these ideas.
    --- Oct 24, 2016 ---
    And a few more ideas...

    Weapons: We still have plenty of room for additions here, but the problem would be keeping them in the theme. Some examples below, these of course aren't all viable, but I leave that for the devs to decide.

    Sub-Machine Gun (Light): The vaunted SMG. This could easily be a counterpart for the Assault Rifle. Light eight, rapid fire; it will give people more options. I would recommend this one because it would be a better synergy than pistols as far as training goes. I would however recommend some kind of block so you can't use both SMG and AR.

    Heavy Shotgun (Heavy): Maybe not a shot gun. This is a harder one to go about. I would recommend some kind of light canon. High damage, slow fire middling range. Think a rifle like canon that fires a large glob of plasma, or a large bore laser, maybe a micro missile? Things like that.

    Bow (Heavy): Yes, a bow. I mean... it could work. You have arrows that turn into plasma mid flight or something.

    Knives (Light): This could probably be rolled into swords as an alternate weapon with the same prof. It would NOT be a throwing weapon, instead a light fast blade that again is light, so does light damage. This weapon could be geared towards assassins? make it work well with stealth?​

    Vehicles: With how much running around the quest require and how big the world is,I would say we need to get these a bit sooner. Though that is my opinion here.

    UI: So, this should be an interesting one. The UI, or at least Health, Mini-map and maybe even ammo counter? Though, that last one could just be weapon dependent. Also, allow us some customization of it. Color, and such. It's a pity this isn't first person, you could let people personalize the UI like a real Heads Up Display. Not that you couldn't do that anyways. Just thoughts.

    More later, probably.
    --- Oct 27, 2016 ---
    Well, I'm back.

    Armor Grinding: So, weapon grinding is pretty good where it stands right now, but armor is pretty bad. I have found it is easiest to tag a mob near a spawn point and let it kill you; rinse, repeat; This is pretty bad and I think an exploit. Best think I could recommend is a trickle of exp for it just for moving around in it. Not when standing still, but actually running around, this plus exp from damage taken would make it unnecessary. Though this is no perfect fix, it is one.

    Now I'm not? Well, I'm starting to run out of ideas?

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  2. Stolpskott

    Stolpskott <Insert Custom Title Here> Golden Founder

    Oct 16, 2016
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    Hi Fairdwin,
    Thanks for a huge raft of ideas, you've given this some thought! I'm not sure if it would be better to split them out into different posts, one idea per post, because as it is some might get lost in the size of the thread ;)
    I will pass over the abilities, not because I dislike them but because the cybernetics element is something that Neuron Haze are already working in. However, adding extra abilities for cybernetics/mutants could create balance issues later. They are good ideas, though! But going through a few of the others...

    Lights: We can travel across the stars (not really, because our starship has crash landed), but we cannot produce helmet lights... dark areas could be very atmospheric and would give the artwork and sfx guys something to play with. I'd definitely be up for that.

    Customization (both Player and Armor, as they are linked): Player appearance customization is in the pipeline, but the roadmap that I have translated so far seems focussed primarily on the initial character creation - beards and scars on the guys, hair and bewbs on the girls, plus all the rest (but who will actually play with those other settings, apart from me?). Armor customization would be a logical next step, both in terms of introducing different armor sets and also color dyes. But the roadmap only goes so far, and the designers are probably trying to get a more rounded feel to the game before going too far into the cosmetics. So, later... patience Padawan ;)

    Cybernetics: The UI is already partially implemented on the Character screen, but the control code is not complete yet... but there will be 3 basic types of entity - fully human, mutant, and "synthetic" (which will basically be cybernetics). I think the "Strange Barrel" quest you can pick up during the tutorial is an example - cure the infection to remain human, allow it to spread to become a mutant, or hack off the infected limb and replace it with cybernetics. Quite how the armor system will work with that, I am not sure yet - outfit clipping is a huge annoyance for some people so if the shape changes too radically then it might get a bit off-putting. We will see, the artists/3D modelers on the Neuron Haze team are very talented, so it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

    Nature: Would be a very interesting thing to see in the game. I remember sandstorms on Tatooine in Star Wars Galaxies adding to the atmosphere, but few games today seem to want to try adding nature, so let's hope!

    Weapons: I have seen a few in-game comments about wanting SMGs, but I think it depends on how broad the Assault Rifle category ends up being, whether there is enough room for a SMG class to be distinctive enough. However, once we see the current weapon complement added (Shotguns, Snipers, Blades and Glaives) it is one of the more obvious missing areas - along with Rocket Launchers, which I doubt we will see outside of specific situations ;)
    Vehicles / Mounts: Yes, I have broadened out the category a bit... I can definitely see them coming in earlier, but I think to a large degree it will be dependent on how the currently implemented ATV/Quad is handled by the game. Right now, it is a nice thing to earn but difficult to drive, and not really as useful as it could be. Good for some entertaining screenshots and videos though! The devs are working hard to address those issues, and depending on the level of success, I think some kind of mount system will be on the roadmap soon after. However, the designers specifically want the game to include a lot of exploration and discovery by the players, so a mount system allowing the player to cover a lot of ground quickly (and miss the quest update in the process) would need careful work.

    UI Customization: Another thing I am a fan of, is UI customization. There is nothing so far in the roadmap, but maybe in the future, when we get closer to release and most of the game content is in place, it would be nice to see some options :)

    Armor Grinding: I am expecting to see death penalties come in at some point, and those penalties would probably/hopefully include the loss of all or a very large chunk of the armor xp that has come from the fight in which you died. Some small amount of xp gain from moving around in the armor (walking, not riding on a mount) would be an interesting addition. However, the "learn by doing" approach that the team want to take toward gaining Weapon and Armor xp means that the core method of gaining xp will still be getting hit in fights.

    Cloaking/Stealth: Something else I am a huge fan of, whether in terms of MMOFPS mechanics in Planetside, or stealth-capable games like Thief and Deus Ex, they add an interesting strategy element that cannot really come from anywhere else, and countering them requires a whole counter-stealth setup as well. My main concern with stealth would be that, in most PvP environments, there is a trade-off to stealth beyond the movement penalties and lack of armor - those games typically have a limited skill point pool, so being effective in stealth means you have to give up the ability to do something else. That comes from stealth being such a powerful mechanic in its own right if done well, so that it really needs a balance. With the practically unlimited Weapon/Armor XP point model that we have in Project Genom, becoming effective with stealth would have very little negative consequence for your ability to perform other tasks in-game, and all it would take is the time to grind out the neccessary skill points. Maybe having a system that prevents you using other armor types if you start learning the Stealth elements would balance it out, but that feels a bit too pounitive, because you are then locking that character solely into Stealth... so maybe restricting the character so it cannot progress to high tier armors and weapons in certain other areas. Again, the problem is with the game balancing - trying to make Stealth useful without being OP, restrictive but not too much so. Who would want to be a game designer with balance issues like that? :)
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  3. Fairdwin

    Fairdwin Inquisitive Silver Avalonian

    Oct 21, 2016
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    Oh, cool. Thanks for replying, think you could go in and put spaces between your points. As it is your post is a wall of text.

    As for everything else, there are some nice idea's in there. But this was mostly just a place for me to drop ideas where the devs could get to them instead of them fading into dust unseen and unloved.

    Still, this is a great place for people to leave lists of ideas like this.
  4. AOD_Cruxdaca

    AOD_Cruxdaca Inquisitive

    Oct 13, 2016
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    Alot of these ideas are great! Good thought put into this.
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  5. Fairdwin

    Fairdwin Inquisitive Silver Avalonian

    Oct 21, 2016
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    Thanks, I don't believe one should just say what they want, they should try to make it fit within the bounds of the known system.

    Now for an idea or two that I've been kicking around for a few days.

    Cover (System): So, YES, I did just say work within the established system. But here this is anyways, probably should make it it's own thread but whatever. Cover, ah cover, what is a shooter without it? Cover is important, both player used and enemy used. I will list everything I can think of here for it.

    Hits and cover: If you can't see it, you shouldn't be able to hit it. There really isn't much else to say.

    Acceptable Cover: What constitutes as cover? Well, not bushes, thought they could be 'light cover' and not stop hits but mitigate them a little. Trees! Trees should be cover and rocks too. You don't have to design the world to make every rock cover. That's actually pretty bad. The players should have cover. They will need to learn how to judge what is and isn't cover at a glance, how to make best use of it, and how to get enemies out of it.

    Vehicles and cover: Yes, your car is cover, yes it can also be destroyed (temporarily?).​
    Vendors and Cover (also crafting): So, you want cover but there isn't a single scrap in sight? Good thing you bought some deployable cover before heading out. You should be able to buy deploy-able metal barricades of varying quality (dictating how much of a beating they can take before being destroyed) and sizes. For PvP bases cheap but sturdy sandbag walls are the order of the day. These should be usable by anyone anywhere, but take time to set up. Far longer than simple barricades, but they have exponentially more health.

    Vaulting: This, it needs to be a thing if cover is. It's simple as that. You need to be able to jump out of cover easily, but you'll also need to be able to stick to cover and blind fire or aim over the wall.

    Cover and Melee: This... is extremely important. People shooting from cover should do more and take more damage to/from melee users. However, NPC's and enemies in particular SHOULD NOT charge straight at people in cover; their priorities should be, get into cover > stay in cover > make way to target > attack target. Of course, this is only for the smarter enemies, wild animals will vary based on intelligence.​
    I feel there is more to be said, but ... it escapes me right now.
    --- Oct 30, 2016 ---
    Controls Idea!

    Controls: Change the draw/holster button to [Tab]; the curser mode to [CTRL]; and take the Radio out of the quest item inventory and attach it to [Q]. This is mostly just an idea I had that will streamline controls a bit, but maybe not worth it?
    --- Nov 2, 2016 ---
    Well, a couple of new things to add to this today.

    Shots Fired: Literally about the shots fired. This is something I realize isn't currently being looked at as other mechanics are understandably more important, but here's my thoughts.

    Kinetic:This is specifically about weapons using chemical propellant, IE gunpowder. These kinds of rounds should have Drop-off, making them good, able to reach out of there range, but ultimately have a limited range.

    Mass Driver: Rounds from a Mass Driver should have Deviance, this is the minute (and human) error in aiming along with the gravitational pull of the planet that throws off the aim. Meaning, the gun is accurate, able to hit the same spot every-time from a fixed firing point, but only at a limited range.​
    Laser: Lasers, being energy (primarily heat, or Ray) have Fade-out Meaning it can hit beyond it's effective range for less damage as the round loses energy.

    Plasma: Plasma is probably the most fun in my opinion. Destabilization, the range for a plasma weapon is determined by the strength of the containment bottle formed around the plasma round. When this happens, the field will violently destabilize. This is a purposeful effect built into the projector that in fact shortens the range by a small margin when compared to other weapons. (this means, plasma rounds explode in a small pop ?that can effect multiple targets? at the end of it's range. Alternatively, the round can do extra damage? or something when it explodes? This is up to the Devs.)​

    Body is Shot: This is about body shots. for example, if you shoot someone in the head, it should do extra damage? Why? We have shields and awesome armor. No, head shots should disorientate a little, not really stopping someone from doing things, but maybe throw off aim? Leg shots? Those should reduce speed. Or arm shots, make reloading slower? Or maybe not, this would be a nightmare to set up and would probably make things more difficult on everyone involved.
    --- Nov 3, 2016 ---
    More ideas HO! The visualization.

    Swords (visual): An idea I've had niggling at me. It would be cool to get, I don't know, a skin or something for swords that make them look like historic/mythical/legendary blades. I don't mean like fancy fantasy swords, but here I'll name a few. Durandal, Joyeuse, Cortana, Excalibur, Hrunting. Things like that. You could do similar with Glaives, maybe Gungnir, Gae Bolg?

    Heads (visual): Hiding the helmet is a thing I understand is up for debate? Why not make the helmets fold up and be mostly hidden. Something like that was done in one of the trailers. Best part is we can still have the helmet forced onto us when out in vacuum or other conditions that make it needed.

    I'm not sure what else could be added. If a dev or two wants to come by and drop some questions, give me something to work with, I would be more that happy to give input.
    --- Nov 8, 2016 ---
    Well, I'm back... again. this time I'm poking mobs and such.

    Territories, It's where they Live: So different mobs should have different area's they call home. But on top of this, they should be aggressive to other mob types and attack them to protect there territory, and especially nests/dens/young. This would give the game world a veneer of being a living world.

    Leveling Mobs: A mob kills you? It should get a little XP, kills you enough? It levels. This of course would be capped so you don't get a max level mob in the starting zone. But even five levels could make it pretty tough.

    [Tentative] Food Chains: Farming a mob too much? they stop spawning in the area. Instead another mob type does. Say your hunting wolves, but you hunt too many of them, instead deer start spawning. after a while and enough deer have spawned up, Wolves start appearing, hunting the deer. This idea would need refinement.

    Scaled Mobs: Some special enemies should be 'scaled' mobs. These are creatures that instead of having a fixed level have a level that scales based on the player. So, a level 5 player and a level 100 player can be attacking the same mob and doing roughly the same amount of damage. This would be good for events and such. They can give gear scaled to the player and be accessible to all players anytime.

    Infestations [World Event]: Have you played Rift? Heard of it? I hope your at least passingly familiar with the rifts that spawn in the game. They spawn WAY too often, give no incentive for high level players to go back and clear ones in low level zones, and just are a pain. Infections are like Rifts, but only in as far as spawning up and creating a foot hold. This is how rifts should have functioned and how Infestation should.

    Stage 1; you have a small infestation of infected creatures (zone/area appropriate) and a 'Blight'.
    Stage 2; this stage is reached gradually as more blights appear and creatures are infected, areas with blight nodes start being covered by 'creep' some kind of terra-forming effect (either like zerg, or could be like Tyranids for 40k).
    Stage 3; first Blight becomes a control node, infected start acting inelegantly, first defensive structures appear.
    Stage 4; 50% of area is infected, Hive structures begin to appear.
    Stage 5; whole zone is infected, Hive boss spawns.
    Stage 6; Infection starts to push into other zones starting stage 1 in that zone.​

    If the devs are ambitious enough they can have multiply kinds of infestations and have them hostile to each other further complicating the issue. I would limit the spawns to 1-4 times a day with a randomized set. The infestations are Scaled Mobs so it's something everyone can benefit from. In fact, one of the infections could be rouge Nano-Bots.
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  6. Spagex

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    Nov 8, 2016
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  7. Fairdwin

    Fairdwin Inquisitive Silver Avalonian

    Oct 21, 2016
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    Environment types that would be cool to see.

    Swamps: A swamp area would be cool, actual waist high bog that slows you down and such, maybe even have actual environmental threats with it.

    Underwater: The armors way to heavy to swim... maybe tactical? But it would be cool to have underwater areas where you walk along the bottom. Have fish swim by and so on.

    Cave networks: Something like the Underdark form the forgotten realms but without the fantasy (sadly), this would be a good place to use darkness and require the use of flashlights and flares to see anything.

    Great Old forest: Truly massive trees, underbrush and at least two layers to the area, ground and the tree tops?

    Jungle: Massive trees, swampy ground, and otherwise same as the forest.​

    Platforming: Having a minor Parkour element would be a good move, it will allow for great additions in the future as well as make movement more organic. It would also go well with cover elements if those are added to the game.

    PVP: while world PVP is to be a thing, I think some structured PVP would be good too. Something like Counter Strike lite. Have demo, capture, deathmatch, so on. This should allow for some good End Game PVP without having to wander the world for a fight; not that it should invalidate that approach. Maybe have the mechanics be used for in world things as well?
  8. lightpyro

    lightpyro Wanderer Golden Founder

    Sep 6, 2015
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    those things you have come with idea is might comming in further and for PVP is gonna be a ARENA for that is not added yet into the game

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