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After Steam Release been Laggy


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Sep 6, 2015
Hey after the steam Release have been very laggy.. and almost not playable. spesial in ark Surrounding area.
and if you jump on ATV there with that laggy you cannot drive it and is jumping only even you stand by on it.
and when you shoot also there.. if you click now too shoot then 10 sec later the shooting comming..

Many new ppl from steam have already complain about it already..
so i see this is a ASP fix IN EU Server

TIPS for you DEV's
make channel map so we can switch channel if is too many ppl and laggy..
this can help alot ... like star wars old republic have if you guys have played that or other games some have that option...
It was comming new update so far got littlebit better after the patch but need adjust alot more not just a little becouse is ark surrounding are still laggy but is better .. now some are very much ppl is not able to use ATV.. ..
do the adjusting on the middle of the day not on eairly in the morning when is not so much ppl on.. :)
so keep work on it :)
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Oct 13, 2016
I might agree with the channel idea to be fair as that is a decent alternative for the lag issues, but at the same time depends how the servers are going to go, hopefully with the new income from the early access release on steam we can see some profit and improvement
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