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Dec 28, 2015
those are not implemented yet, so we’ll see
well, ofc we can only speculate from the information we have. We cannot tell what this game in this state is as there are only the basics in. In this state the game is similar to a lot of different games :p
Dec 19, 2015
Open world pve, gliding, something similar to thumping, random events (?), global events.
From this list you can see the similarities from firefall and this game :p

IDK if you know something else, if you do can you tell us please? It's very difficult to get a clear vision about this game from the english information.
Looking at the promotional video, it showed all those things.

It certainly will change over time from what it is now and what that promo video showed, but I hope we do see all of those things implemented in Genom - but using Genom's way of doing it.

Even at this point, the feeling is very different from Firefall now or how it ever has been - BUT the Genom promotional materials indicated that it will have some of the great things from Firefall. That is what I am hoping.

We already, it seems to me, in this early alpha have much better 'questing' which tells a story. We have a much better Open World integration of the story into the Open World.

Firefall made the mistake of layering on far far to many instanced missions first to try to tell the story of Firefall, then just because it was easier than making the Open World they originally promised. Then they pasted in the ARES Jobs...

I see Genom doing a much much better job right from the start in making the 'Questing' (if you call it that) a true part of the Open World and NOT requiring instance, and load screens and all that which destroys the Open World feel.

Gliding, Thumping, Random Encounters... I hope we see all of that.

Genom in my opinion is 99% there with Random Encounter already. I used the example of the Raider Camper Encounter in another post and the Digger Nest Encounter. They have Raiders standing outside a Raider Camper - all they need to do is make that dynamic with Raiders coming out of the Camper, smoke and/or fire or whatever to alert us in Open World with visuals and audio that the Encounter is there... That's a dynamic Encounter just a good as a Firefall Bandit Campfire or more.

I hope that the artwork and aesthetics can grow to be as good as Firefalls - where with the Melding and artistry of the terrains and vegetion etc. we get something very special.
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