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Armour and the passives

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Valgard, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Valgard

    Valgard Rookie Silver Founder

    Sep 24, 2016
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    Hi people,

    I have just started playing a few weeks ago so if this has already been posted some time ago I apologize.
    Recently they have added passive skills for the three types of armour and I have noticed they are the same for all three, at least the english passives since I cant read Russian ;)

    I thought it would be an idea to differentiate the armours more by giving them some different skill passives. Like the Tactic being more energy based give them more energy passives. Sabotage/Commando more shield based so more shield passives and Assault being more armour based give that more armour passives. That way so will create differences on people to "build" their character. For instance a tanky front line player will play assault where high energy (and maybe shield) is less usefull then flat out armour. And the sniper type of player might go for the Tactic tree if there would be sniper skills that use more energy then other weapons skills.

    Again this is just an idea but it would greatly improve the game and makes people think about what to take and grow their character into.
    Feel free to message me for more info/ideas if youre interested.
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  2. lightpyro

    lightpyro Wanderer Golden Founder

    Sep 6, 2015
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    well right now is nothing are much different but later will it be more better and diffrent. but tactical are light armor and sabotage are medium armor. and assult are heavy armor..
    if you have see the glass into the puzzletech. the one some have kind of sword and the another one are a heavy gunner.
    later you can equip those stuff of you have the correct armor.. Lets say the heavy gunner are for assult armor and the sword one is for tactical armor.. that's the way will work.. look on the trailer they show it there.. if you look carefully. feel free to contact me in PM here if you wanna know more i have made a guide and i will make more guide for the game after the wipe is done
  3. Culann

    Culann Rookie Founder

    Aug 25, 2016
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    Valgard..to answer your question a little more obliquely...

    On the Euro server, my character there bought all three types of armor at "grade" (read as: requires armor level) 3 prior to the passives being implemented and this is what came out of the experiment:

    Assault: 104 armor, 188 Shield, 70 Energy, Weight of 129. My Health ended up being 837 / 837, my Stamina 120/120 and Speed was 395 with a Capacity of 294.

    Tactical: 68 armor, 170 Shield, 267 Energy, and Weight of 44. My Health went to 803, my Stamina went to 159, my Speed was 734 with a Capacity of 318.

    Commando: 72 Armor, 202 Shield, 168 Energy, and a Weight of 85. My Health went to 780, my Stamina went to 145, my Speed was 572 with a Capacity of 294.

    In looking at it, Tactical has the weakest armor AND shield of any of the three armor types but has the most Energy.
    Commando has the greatest Shield and is marginally greater in armor than Tactical while still being behind Assault in Armor.
    Assault has the greatest armor, and is the middle of the road for shield strength.

    On the US server, I remade and chose to go with Commando armor, and aside from issues with not enough pieces being given as mission rewards (I'm looking at you NeuronHaze :) ) I'm perfectly happy with performance of it. As it stands right now, with maxed pistol for my level, I'm having real troubles finding anything that can kill me at this point.

    Let me touch on regeneration of shield and health briefly. Both, for me with full Commando armor on regenerate at a sufficiently fast enough rate that gameplay isn't impacted by waiting on either when they are less than 100%.

    Not sure if this helps or not. :)

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