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Background story to PG


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Apr 9, 2017
Story time! :LOL:


Consciousness slowly returned to me, but a strange feeling of complete paralysis stayed. I imagined a small defenseless creature, locked inside a heavy, unsurpassable shell, from which there was no salvation. The onset of claustrophobic attacks continually tested me for my strength. While I struggled desperately and courageously, my attention was increasingly drawn to the bright flickering flashes. They, like the light of faraway stars, fascinated me, gave me hope, hinted that there was something mysterious, hidden, unknown, waiting for me...

Very soon this light dispelled the shrouded darkness. It was like a curtain being raised, revealing a stage flooded by a blood-red haze. The haze also began to disperse over time and a distinct horizon appeared, which gradually began to expand. For a moment it seemed to me that I felt my eyelids tremble, but at this moment I wasn’t sure of anything. The flickering flashes of light were replaced by unnaturally bright rainbow circles, moving in front of me in a bizarre, whimsical dance. The next moment something very heavy was dropped somewhere inside my skull, turning my head immediately into lead and the world flashed dazzlingly. Gradually, out of the white light that flooded me, the contours of some plates and cable plexes began to appear, as if on an old photo. Simultaneously with my eyesight, my hearing returned as well. A mechanical voice said loudly, “Attention! There is a threat of violation of the integrity of the body! All staff leave the compartment immediately!” I found myself lying on my back, staring at the ceiling. Some selective motor skills had already returned and I moved my lips with delight and touched the rubberized antistatic floor covering. The same voice burst into my brain again, with another deafening message, “The emergency protocol of preservation of delta-04 is activated.”

I decided to close my eyes and focus on the strange and at the same time funny feeling of gradually gaining control over my own body. After a while I managed to slowly rise on my elbows and then get on my knees. My head began to swivel dangerously and I began to fall to fall over. It took me considerable effort to pull myself together and stay up.

“Attention! Critical failure!”
“Failure of the telemetry network!” The mechanical voice didn’t stop talking.

Only now, I noticed a strange and incomprehensible apparatus in the room. It could very well be an ordinary droid, but there was something in it that highlighted it among the entire interior. While not being able to rise completely, I crawled to it on all fours. Approaching at arm's length, I sensed the outgoing hardly noticeable vibration coming from it.

"Failure of the external control system!" The mechanical voice uncompromisingly declared.

“Shut up!”, I grunted. Exhausted and angry, I struck my fist on the machine for some reason. It started to shake immensely and seemingly to me, powerful enough to completely destroy the room. The device jolted and shattered to bits...

* I will continue to translate whatever information I find about the backstory of PG. If you find any mistakes in my translations, please let me know. *


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Aug 8, 2015
Привет.Проштудировал написанное на рашке,читается нормалек.
Hi.Prohstudiroval written on rashke, it reads normalk.
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