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been gone for 2 month now so what new ?


Dec 29, 2015
i see some update i logged in to take a peak and i dont see anything big has changed ? beter translation a still none working map shooting got akward but more realistic. all my quest are done some how. dont know if i miss something except the graphic upgrade ?


Jul 7, 2015
0.6.0 (released in May):
  • Almost all locations reworked;
  • Bulk of main and side quests reworked;
  • Added plot location, «The Dump»;
  • Added new quest mechanics for both character and transport;
  • New inventory with drag-n-drop support;
  • New character progression system;
  • New quests’ journal;
  • New balance for all armor and weapons;
  • New balance for mobs’ force;
  • Added walking vendors;
  • Added new armor and weapons;
  • Added progress bar for interaction with various items;
  • Added up to four ways to finish quests;
  • Added many «eyes» (i.e, interactive items in the world);
  • Added more than 100 voiceovers;
  • Added new sounds;
  • Items with «impoved» quality have fixed amount of bonuses;
  • Added ability to examine items;
  • Fixed a ton of bugs;
  • New lightning system;
  • Update list of «Ark Heroes» in the «Hall Of Fame»;
  • Map mechanic reworked (you’ll see new map in nearest updates);
Source: Update 0.6

0.6.12 (released in August):
  • Rebuilt the part of the ark
  • Implemented a system of regions (Eastern and Western Europe)
  • Remade the characters’ shaders and models
  • Made a system of saving open doors in instances
  • Revised the system of leaving instances
  • Fixed aiming
  • Fixed a bug where the character kept on running when opening a dialogue
  • Revised the dialogue system
  • Improved quest log
  • Revised the system of interacting with the characters
  • Remade the character model in the inventory
  • Revised the Plasma Cutter model and animation
  • Fixed a bug with collecting items quests
  • Revised the system of quest items usage
  • Added new sounds of the character
  • Fixed a bug with playing animations over the network
  • Fixed bugs in the following quests: "Explosive Beetles," "The Lost PDA", "Fear of the Unknown", "The Mess You’ve Made", "The Constructor", "Hunger Breaks Stone Walls", "Man-Eating Larvae ", "Z13", "The Unexpected Work ", "The Lost Supplies", "Container Diving"
  • Renamed the quests:“Beggars Can't Be Choosers” to “Hunger Breaks Stone Walls”, “In the Container Up to the Hilt” to “Container Diving” (due to the small item box size) and corrected some other quest names
  • Added the following quests: "Good Ol’ Trash-Digging" "Stolen Spare Parts", "By Proxy", "The Utilizer", "The Evacuation", "Eco Monitoring", "Festive Pattern", "Race Against Time", "Geo Exploration", "The Loss", " Damage Modifier", "Dog Wedding", "Brawl in the Alley", "Hound Help", "The ScrapMetal", "Stern Measures", "In The Name of Truth", "Ripples on the Water", "Service Technician", "Bones ","The Payback","Hook-Up and Start-Up","The Harpoon "," A Dark Horse"," Need some rounds?","The Loader ","Cavemen "
  • Fixed a bug with the possibility of remote activation of the terminal;
  • More than 100 minor fixes in quest dialogues
  • Improved English localization
  • Fixed an issue with assault rifles firing rate (New items only)
  • Added new plants and mobsresources
  • Added a new location: Lost Desert
  • Added new servers
  • Revised the system of transferring between servers
Source: Update 0.6.12
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