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Canonical IGC (In-Game Currency)


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Oct 21, 2016
Hello. Given the nature of this game, it is no surprise that it will eventually include micro-transactions and have an in-game currency that is exclusive to cash purchases. My suggestion regards what this currency could be.

Okay, so as I understand it, we are on an alien world after our Ark crash-lands on it, the extent of human civilization on that planet really spans so far as we (once) aboard the harbinger have explored, and the player has awoken from cryo-stasis at the moment they register. It's pretty easy to understand how this could be an alternative reality which runs simultaneous to the one the player lives in (It's more realistic in terms of starting later than other players than other games).

So, this in-game currency, perhaps could be Crypto-Currency. A short, 5 second quest in the server room to set up your Crypto-Currency miner will unlock micro-transactions, and thus, micro-transactions don't somehow break the flow of the game by some people somehow getting magical currency that shouldn't exist.

In the lore, each time the player hits upon a valid string of Crypto-Currency, they earn in-game currency - of course this only happens when the real world player makes a micro-transaction. The length of this Crypto-Currency string, in the lore, will simply determine the amount "earned" (Or in this case purchased). I believe that this element of luck within the game lore could help add another layer of depth to even something as simple as the currency system.

Alternatively, I supposed it could be a hacking AI which mines for Old-World Currency (OWC), if Crypto-Currency doesn't sound right or fit the future lore as well. Anyway, I liked the idea, so I figured I'd share it.

Thank you.


Oct 21, 2016
This is a good idea, and the great thing about it is the names and lay out of it are fluid. This gives the devs more room to work with. But the set up seems good, if the name of the currency needs work.

Nice idea.
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