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Oct 13, 2016
TLDR: Clean, meaningful summery of in game conversations, focused on compliments and complaints.

It has come to my attention that people like to complain about the problems in early access games via global chat. These comments often get a predictable reply of "the game is in early access." What follows is a generally non-helpful argument with repeated name calling between those who complain and those who dismiss because of early access. In writing this thread it is my hope to explore and understand the underlying problems of these arguments with the intent of sparking truly useful criticism and suggestions for the developers to work with devoid of the generally harmful emotional haze that usually prevents us from addressing the real problems. I also feel that a little honey in the bitters can give insight and inspiration for what is performing well, and to this we also have a complimentary section.

With this mindset I mean to bring in game conversational topics to the forums to represent those in game who may not utilize these forums to address what is causing their disdain. It is my hope and intent that this will provoke positive changes and conversations and nurture an even better product development going forward, and I also hope to refine in game chat in similar posts when issues spring up.

If you agree that this may benefit the development, or at least find it a plausible addition, please feel free to contribute and help further refine and prioritize this concept. In the same spirit i ask that we refrain from devolution to name calling and repeated non-contributing cycles that we often see in the global chat. examples:

player1: "this game is bad, the devs do nothing."
player2: "quit dont B***H"
player1: "fanboy"
player2: "crybaby"

instead maybe:

player1: "I don't feel the developers are fixing anything."
player2: "What do you feel is not being addressed enough?"
player1: "The____is still not functioning."
player2: "Perhaps they are looking at higher priority items, such as ____."

I hope this illustrates the differences that hurt or help development.

Thank you for your time in reading this post. I truly hope this sheds some light on player issues and helps nudge the development in a beneficial direction. Please feel free to critique my thread/posts in a meaningful manner as well....it is a bit of an ambitious and new direction in forums that I am trying to take.

Complaints: (derived from in-game global chat, complaints do not necessarily reflect my personal experience or opinions)
  1. Crafting table consumes item(s) without producing/returning the item(s).
  2. Some things appear completely untested before introduction to "live" game. (such as the crafting table)
  3. Combat interactions feel more like moving pictures than fluid events. (directed towards things like hit registration, jerky movements, reactions of players/npc when damaged etc)
  4. Map is often unclear, especially with multi-level constructions (like the command center and the mech company in the starting area.)
  5. Item interaction is abrupt, slightly counter-intuitive, and needs to be streamlined. (such as holding e to loot compared to a single tap)
  6. Quests could benefit from better logging (conversation topics, locations) and consistent marking. also part of this - interaction with quest items that are not part of the players active quests is misleading and confusing.
  7. Mouse hover tool tips for icons, especially important ones like selling and skills need implementation.
  8. The skill tree has incorrect displays, such as pistol being displayed in rifle segment. (English version)
  9. Merchant/trade interactions should have more information. The big one thus far is no money amount displayed when attempting to sell items. You can only know how much was gained by comparing before and after a sale.
  10. The first hit/last hit experience allotment needs to be fixed. (all participants should be rewarded)
  11. Loot drops going to whoever gets it first because available to anyone in the area.
  12. hive mechanics (enemy spawners) could use refinement. spawns are not in proportion to players present.
  13. Server stability / presence of lag very game breaking for the players at this stage.
  14. Distinctive/unique armor and weapons. as they are now there isn't much meaningful difference to how they function. (stats, impact, variation)
  15. localization/voice acting could use more development. (English translations)
  16. oceanic/Australian players feel forgotten in regards to server deployment.

  1. Movement, specifically sprint-jump is good.
  2. Quality art direction and visual environments.
  3. Character development potential and direction is exciting and innovative.
  4. vehicle and equipment concepts are exciting and strongly looked forward to.
  5. multiple options in where and how to play has good potential.
  6. saw a few compliments on the steam pricing (believe it or not!)
  7. GM presence and customer interaction was pretty spot on, even when several people would restate the same question every 3 minutes. speaks of dedication and patience.

I did go through the posted threads and noticed that many of these topics are already covered. I still feel that this thread is important and unique in that it attempts to address what is currently being said in the game's global chat to bring attention to a perhaps under-heard voice of the player base. With the Steam early access populating such a greater quantity of players, i hope that threads like these will accurately reflect what is being said in the game instead of just hoping that the disappointed players will constructively post meaningful topics in these forums. A little patient refinement of these discussions could prove to provide the changes these players want to see, and that will hopefully help keep a quality community in a continuously improving game.
thank you.

TLDR: Clean, meaningful summery of in game conversations, focused on compliments and complaints.


PG Community Overlord
Staff member
Jul 8, 2015
Im not going to hide behind «this is alpha» shield, but devs are really working hard on almost every of your complain points


Oct 13, 2016
yea i agree and believe they are. thread is mostly intended to reflect what problems keep showing up in global chat. Intended as a looking glass to in game populace who may not forum delve....or at least may not constructively write complaints in the forums.
Mar 26, 2016
Thanks for making this compilation, it shows a lot of thought put into clarifying matters.
Many of the major complaints are being worked on actively with a high priority (coop features, latency, others), we should see improvements soon.

Other than that, I think all the point that could be made were made, nothing left but to wholly endorse this.
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