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First view of Inventory screen

Nov 12, 2016
When starting a new character, one of the first things you pick up is a pair of pants. You also find a hint that tells you to open your inventory and equip the pants you just picked up. When you first open the inventory, no category of inventory item is selected, and therefore, it looks like you didn't actually pick anything up. You don't actually see anything until you select the Armor category/tab.

My suggestion is this: Because the first item you pick up is a piece of armor, and the hint right next to it tells you to equip that item, it would be nice that upon that first view of the inventory, the armor category/tab is already selected. This would make things just a little clearer for beginning player who are new to the game. My first interaction with that inventory screen confused me because I thought that I hadn't actually picked up the pants because the inventory screen opened and didn't show anything in my inventory.

You could change the inventory category/tabs to act more like a filter. By default, show everything from every category/tab, and then filter to specific categories based on the category/tab selected.
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