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Discussion in 'Recruitment in Syndicate' started by pector, Jan 13, 2017.

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    Galaktikon is a progressive syndicate located on PG's EU Server


    - About Us
    - Our Goals
    - Profile
    - Timezone(s)

    About Us

    Some of the most important principles on which Galaktikon is founded on:

    Having fun and sharing good times together

    Initially intended to be a one-man show, Galaktikon steadily grows to be a tightly knit circle of friends playing through Alpha, intending to stick it through to end game (soon™) in one piece. As mentioned, we're a small and mixed group of people from different backgrounds, where everyone knows everyone. We therefore speak English and like to maintain good socials throughout the chat.

    Our Goals

    In Galaktikon, we focus on leveling, progression and min/maxing. Subsequently, we commit ourselves to being among the first to experience new content. We dedicate ourselves to a high level of organization to benefit each other and to make a name for ourselves in the EU Region. Ultimately, Galaktikon will start out as a small group of 20ish people, messing around at the forefront of end game.


    We offer an overseeable guild chat with members who have a good understanding and interest for min/maxing, stats and economy while being prepared to lend a helping hand when sh*t hits the fan. We also enjoy some PG18 chat and like memes. Because, who doesn't. Ideally, you are an active player who's interested in the games development and open to theory crafting. A couple of things we'd like to see in you, if you're already interested:

    Able to fluently communicate in English
    Motivated and engaging person
    Able to use VoIP if needed
    Mature and laid back
    Up to date with latest patch


    - TBA -

    If you think that you've found your place among us, then leave a message in this thread using the following template or whisper Pector or Sancta in game so that we can walk you through the next steps.


    In game name:
    Spec (Assault/Tactical/Sabotage):
    Activity rate*:



    We're currently spread across
    - UTC+/- 00:00
    - UTC+01:00

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Lastly, make sure to watch this thread or check back frequently as it will be developing over time.

    P.S. We got bragging rights, because first sub-forum thread and stuff.

    --- Jan 13, 2017 ---
    bump for thread update
    --- Jun 15, 2017 ---
    On hiatus until Q3/Q4 update.
    --- Sep 24, 2017 ---
    Bump for Q3-Q4 update
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