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Jul 18, 2015
Vesta: In this thread you can tell about any Game Comminities are interested in the Project Genom Game. (edited)

In 8 Tagen haben Wir wieder ein MMO das wir auf Fehler durchforsten können! Ich hoffe die Durststrecke ist bei PROJECT GENOM vorbei und wir bekommen den neuen Blockbuster!...EARTHRISE und alle anderen MMO hatte uns ja sehr enttäuscht und Wir waren jetzt Monate gelähmt!

More is coming!

Greetings Whorlok (Leader A BETTER TOMORROW and 9BOT9 Community)
Link: A-BETTER-TOMORROW - The Day After :: Portal oder A-BETTER-TOMORROW - The Day After :: Portal
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Oct 30, 2015


Consortium is a gaming community that consists of a relaxed atmosphere of casually hardcore, mature gamers that focus on internal fellowship and especially on PvP. Our group is comprised of our founder, Lightcrest, and a collaboration of experienced officers. The bulk of our organization consists of regular members who pride themselves on teamwork, sportsmanship, and commitment.

Consortium commits itself to the perpetual search for new members who embody the themes described above. Upon your recruitment, Consortium vows to place you in the best environment to grow and develop your in-game potential. Although we do not consider ourselves an "elitist” organization, Consortium is an extremely competitive community with ambitious goals in the PvP environment. We will continue to strive for excellence and perfect our coordination until domination becomes standard.


We started in Tabula Rasa and became a strong and unified group of friends. Since then, we have spread out to all different games discovering new members and for some, new homes. We like to explore all elements of a game, use proper tactics and most of all, have fun.

In Tabula Rasa, we were one of the most well known clans on the server. Not solely because of our PvP reputation, but our dedication to the community, our willingness to help with events, our above and beyond approach to help developers by being the voice of the players, and our overall attitude towards everyone. We want to leave a positive impact that makes everyone enjoy the game more.

The Community

Consortium will explore all areas of the game and dedicate time to each of them, however the main focus is PvP. In Consortium you will meet players that plan attacks, and practice the strategy to be certain that the execution is flawless. You will also find a detailed leadership structure where ranks are earned through accomplishments in game and with passion to make this community great outside of our virtual worlds. Most importantly, you will meet players passionate about the games they play and the people they are associated with.

Role In Project Genom

With the game currently evolving each day, so too will our objectives as a community. Ultimate goals once we see a "finished" product will consist of;

-PvP (as long as it has a meaningful impact. For instance if arena PvP is the core function of this mechanic, we will not prioritize this, however we will in no way discourage it).

-Major "end game" content.

-Exploration (delving into the space portion of the game).

-Research and Crafting (As a group, we always like to dominate the crafting meta).

-to be continued as more information arises.

Current ambitions are simple:

-Aid game development.

-Wiki creation.

What to know and joining us!

-We are an international community, but fluent written and verbal English is required.

-We look for members 18+ (We have made exceptions based on personality and maturity).

-We are not a zerg group. We'd rather have quality people over abundance. Some of our members have been together for 10+ years. We are a family.

-We goof off and act foul when we aren't in serious gameplay.

-We ask that you stay active as we do not want idle members. As we are labeled as "casually hardcore" we do not ask anyone to sacrifice their lives for a game, but we do want to see activity on our forums, voice comms, and the ability to be in game at least a few hours a week.

If you have any questions about the organization or just in general, please feel free to comment to the thread.

You can also head over to http://www.consortiumgaming.net to apply. (please note that updates are currently underway to reflect recruitment for this game. If you decide to apply and don't see specific options, just leave a comment in one of the questions stating that you are applying for PG).

Thank you everyone for your time and we will see you in game!
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