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Gameplay dynamics suggestions


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Oct 17, 2016
Hello fellow Project Genom players, and devs!

First off, I'd like to say I've enjoyed the game so far -- awesome choice of engine, good overall sci-fi design, just stunning! In the interest of making it even better, I have some thoughts to share with the developers mostly, but comments and discussion are welcomed by all.

1.) The intra-player dynamics are not realistically sustainable for a MMO.
Right now, many of us are in the "Honeymoon" period with respect the pgenom. All is new, all is good, and community toxicity is very much minimized. After all, it's THIS good and it's only ALPHA! But, honeymoon periods end.

In the wake of this, I foresee tons of toxicity emanating from AFKers, botters, kill stealers, and generic campers who farm one spot almost exclusively. I am not concerned about the first two groups: AFKers and botters. These groups can and must be managed since they're present in almost any MMO. It's the last two groups that concern me since it contains a much larger portion of the community. I myself have had slow quest progress due to farmers who camp an area with better gear and ... the rest is pretty predictable.

I know I am not the only one to experience this -- but what I think we need to acknowledge as a community is that the people camping are not the problem -- they're only trying to maximize time spent to reward gained -- we all do this to some degree. The problem is the intra-player dynamics where the fewer people there are in-game, the better the experience. This is contradictory to what an MMO should encourage.

2.) The loot tables need adjusting...
As is, the primary source of good loot is from enemy drops. This promotes kill stealing. Any reward whose single-item value is anything more than garbage (on average) should never come from a kill -- it should come from a mission or a group activity or ... an achievement. I am not saying to nerf the loot tables, merely that I think we should adjust the source of the glorious loot so that it doesn't encourage kill stealing or spot camping.

Just my thoughts -- thank you for you time. Comments / discussion welcomed below...
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