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Happy New Year!


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Oct 21, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello, dear friends! First of all, we’d like to wish you a truly happy New Year. Let these holidays be unforgettable and heart-warming even if it may be freezing outside. We also wish all our players to save their extraordinary endurance that one must surely have to wait until the Project Genom is complete. =) We’re sure that such an endurance and the ability to do everything your way is a powerful ally that will always help you in your life. Let the year 2018 be the best year ever! We send positive vibes to all of you, your friends and your family. Hooray!

2018 To-Do List

Today we’d also like to give a brief description of our near-term plans for the coming year.

Our main task for the whole 2018 will be letting the project enter the Beta stage of development. This means a full restart of the project with all basic features implemented. It would also result in mass testing, frequent updates, and total revival of the game.

The first thing we plan to do will be to transfer the updated game version from PTS to the main servers. To implement these plans, we must finish debugging the current PTS version and add a huge bulk of quests into the game. Once done, we’ll make sure that the main game servers will receive frequent updates, and PTS servers will be used for preliminary closed testing.

One of the main points in our ‘to-do’ list is to complete and fully implement the character progression system with the skill points distribution, and abilities to choose the development nodes and use the active skills. Our team has already finished working on the basic project functionality required for this, but there’s still a lot of work to do until we add the full-scale character progression system.

We also plan to add a full-fledged crafting system and the ability to collect resources.

It is planned to add the special character equipment, namely Mechs, manipulators, and organic covers, as well as the ability to level up the corresponding skills.

Among other plans, we’ll work on the quad bike and add character animation, proper physics, transport behavior system, effects, and sounds.

As part of adding the quests into the game, we'll also introduce new NPCs, mobs, and bosses.

We plan to add mass events in the open world.

This year, we’ll be spending a lot of time working on the project’s social structure, and therefore we’ll add chat rooms and create an opportunity for our players to gather in groups. We also plan to work on the syndicates.

We also remember about our English-speaking community and will undoubtedly add the complete English localization.

In addition, we are going to pay great attention to optimization and overall improvement of the game performance.

Furthermore, regardless of the development stage, we’re constantly working on the game balance and writing main and additional quests. Each testing makes new data available for us, and this data affects the future game balance that we constantly improve.

Our team has great plans ahead and hope to implement them all. We’re also going to post our Weekly Newsletter until the project reaches such a development stage when the work we've done over the week will be clearly described in the updates.

In conclusion, we’d like once again to wish you a happy New Year!

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