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Hello. i am Gold Avalon user. Here are some suggestions.

Nov 23, 2017
I purchased the Gold Avalon from 2016 to 2016 and purchased it to Gold Avalon. Because I thought there was an infinite potential for games.

However, there was a limited number of servers in my country, so it was too much to play in my country.

Now that it's a year away from November 2017, it seems difficult to play the game right now.

Please request Korean translation and Korean server creation. Although many Koreans have looked forward to this game, they are currently exhausted because there are no results. I believe that if we talk about future translation, server creation, and so forth, we can reinforce more investors and places in Korea.

South Korea is hoping for a tough RPG game, such as the project genome.

Please, please. Please send us Korean translation and Korean server opening.

Besides, I hope that you can enjoy the game of games and play games with other Asian servers.

Thank you for reading the long article.

Even though it's a long time overdue, I hope to hear the news of the hope of giving hope to the people of Korea, Korea and East Asia, who are reluctant to pay back this game after purchasing the game.

Many Koreans do not speak English. So I think giving up games is not supposed to be humanly possible to invest in people who invest and play games.

Even if I do not know English and Russian, I hope you can make an environment that can play.

More servers are needed for East Asia, Asia, South Korea, Japan, China, Russia and the United States. And I want to translate the translations that fit the country.
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