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Idea that goes along with the sci-fi theme of project genom.


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Aug 2, 2017
Over the years I have came up with ideas for many different game related things. Today I remembered one of them that would work especially well with project genom and have decided to share it with you. And since I believe that you already have part of this planned then it would make sense to implement this as well.

Essentially what I’m proposing is to have a symbiotic creature that will level up along side yourself, give you travel abilities such as: enhanced running early on (increases movement speed by a predetermined amount), ability to move faster in water by transforming its outer membrane into flippers (increased mobility in water), and at its peak it would be able to transform its membrane into wings for flight.

Alongside the travel enhancing aspect, it would give you a small boost to defense by hardening its membrane (higher levels means that the symbiote has grown and is able to cover more body, therefore increasing its defense bonus, which also explains why you can’t just fly from the start) but can have it gain no bonus to defense vs laser fire if you want to lower its overall strength. The fine tuning and such is up to you the devs.

Some downsides could be the inability to ride ground vehicles, which could be explained as the symbiote hated the sound of the engine, this would offset the travel abilities gained by the symbiote. Also a restriction on wearing some certain Kinds of armor, saying that the symbiote has an aversion to the material it’s made out of and gets hurt by it, this would offset the defense bonus gained. If you are planning on having jet packs later down the line you can have the restriction implemented that prevents you from wearing a jet pack as well, saying that the symbiote doesn’t like the sound of the engine, I know it’s just like the ground vehicles restriction but it would be part of a trade off.

Whether you decide to use some or all of it is your choice and I’m just glad you took the time to read this long post, if you want more ideas then I am sure I could come up with something, I only ask that if you use my ideas that you drop my username on the description of the item. I don’t want money or anything like that, having my creations come to life is enough for me.
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