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In depth questions

Nov 26, 2015
Hello all!

I'm very interested in Project Genom. However, the given information is quite vague in my opinion so I've got some additional questions gameplay wise as technical ones before buying a founder pack. Feel free to reply in russian if any of you don't have much time to translate or whatever reason...


So most information that I found was from youtube, most of them were simple first looks at the game so they weren't really useful.

Q1) Will there be any skills/attributes/perks beside the player's ability to aim at the enemy? And if yes, how will they be implemented into the game? skills bound to weapon? player skills from picking a skill tree? something in the style of Mass Effect? or something completely new?

Q2 What's in for the late game? From what I have seen, this game looks quite like Firefall. I enjoyed firefall for the first 10 hours but got bored as the game didn't change at all. Even worse, the late game was basically the same as early on. So what are your plans for keeping players at the game in the long run?

Q3 Honestly, is this an mmorpg or an mmotps? Not that I mind, but from what I have seen this is a massive third person shooter with some rpg(-like) elements. How far can a player go in personalizing his gameplay to his like? Leave the starting nation to go rogue? multiple story endings( good, evil or neutral)? What are the aspects of the game that make this more an rpg over an tps? (Take fallout 4 for example, great game, bad rpg: the player is forced into playing a good guy and basically helping everyone who asks for help).


Q4 What is the progress made in the last 6 months? I want to know how dedicated the developer is toward the game.

Q5 I want to play the game to see it for myself. However, $34 is way to much to get early access and those few bonus items, $17 is almost a fair price but if I end up liking the game, I wouldn't mind getting a higher tier founder pack. So, can I upgrade from the $17 to the $34 founder pack for $17? Or will I have to buy a completely new founder pack for the full price?

That should be it for now, thanks for reading and have a nice day.



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Sep 28, 2015
The first thing you should take - it's aplha version) More info must be In the future.
I'll try to translate the developer's reply from the Russian forum.

Q1 The skills/perks required to be, and now there is an active discussion. If you have any thoughts about perks system, welcome, try to offer.
I like for perks the "tree system" without cooldown on use. They need Energy for use it, and she in battle is recovering is slowly.

Q2 Horizontal character education, Space with other planets, massive PVP battles, protect catles and resourse mining places...
The game wil not have karma points, but your actions and choices in some quests will have an influence on the world and charaster.
And i say again - it's aplha version, and you have big chances for add your ideas to the game)

Q3 It's MMORPG. You not have to choose player class in start game, themselves determine the way of character education. Will be have modifications for Body parts, possibility of mutations and cibernetics (and perks/skills for change game style naturally). More changes in appearance.

Q4 https://trello.com/b/UU5syXYn/project-genom-rus
The last two right columns, is a list what been made in the last two months.

Q5 Yes it possible. In now for upgrade write to developers, in future it's be automatically.
$34 are not price for bonuses. This is a fee to developers so that they will do the game.
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