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Just a few questions.


Dec 28, 2015
So a while ago I noticed this game and even got them a little spot on massively (Sci-fi shooter Project Genom begins alpha testing) to help draw some attention to it because I felt like we needed another MMO third person shooter and that there is definitely not enough scifi mmo's out there. But since then I've been wondering how the game has been growing, I didn't get in to testing and didn't have the funds for a founder's pack. Now though I have a new graphics card and I'm really eager to see how this game is growing. I saw a few posts about the current state here in the questions and I did read them, but I was wondering about a few other things that I didn't notice.

1. How do the controls "feel?" Kind of subjective I know, but assuming you have decent ping, are they responsive? Can you hit a button and have your character respond right away without feeling like you have to move 2-3 seconds before you actually have to? Is there controller support?

2. Open world. Only real question I've been wondering, is if the open world is going to be a free for all pvp gankbox. I respect there are people that enjoy that game, but I'll admit, I've grown in to a carebear. I played on PVP servers in other MMO's for years and lately I've been wanting a break from that paranoid level of gameplay.

3. The gear and customization system. Really my only question is how complex it is. I can appreciate them wanting a deep system, in fact I approve of such things, but is it explained well in a simple and concise manner so you can pick it up right away?

Any information is really appreciated!


Resident Of Avalon
Jul 14, 2015
How do the controls "feel?"
Feels good man. © Actually its pretty decent, a fast response and the ping is good aswell. No wonder, the game is a shooter.
Is there controller support?
Too early to talk about that, and there will probably be none, since it's still an MMO with skills and builds.
going to be a free for all pvp
As the devs said, the PvP will not be mandatory, there will be peace zones and war zones, but obviously war zones will have some of the most valuable resources.
Really my only question is how complex it is.
For now it's not complex at all. It is still in alpha, and you are expecting something that is impossible to do in an alpha. Get some patience.
That's like all we have for now : Combat System » Project Genom
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