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Just a few things....


Jul 26, 2016
First off, let's talk about resolution. In 1920 x 1080 the game has a visual affect of being distorted being too wide. The viewing angle of the screen makes it look stretched out wide and just looks dis-proportioned.

Next the window pop-ups with game instructions when you first start the game, are way too big, as you are running around from the bugs in the very start of the game those pop-up windows keep popping up and getting in the way of seeing where you are going.

Which brings me to the last point. In the very beginning when you are headed to the freight elevator and encounter the bugs, you can NOT shoot at your feet. You have to keep running around and shooting as you are moving. If the bugs get to you, you can't stand there and shoot them because you can't shoot down. The can get under the arch of the gun fire and not be hit and stand there and attack you at will.

Just the few things I have noticed at the first part of the game since the patch.
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