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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Deathsvice, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Deathsvice

    Deathsvice Rookie Bronze Founder

    Jul 22, 2016
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    Any plans on adding a launcher for the game soon? Or do we just dl the updates off of steam.
  2. lightpyro

    lightpyro Wanderer Golden Founder

    Sep 6, 2015
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    hey man.. why you wanna have a Launcher for the game.. you are New beginner into this game.. and we another we have play this alot longer than you.. you have just started..so well.. to answer Your question.... is No it will not be any launcher on this game as many games have.. that is becouse the launcher need a guard and the guard have most of the time virus.. and we dont wanna have virus on Our computer.. well you have some game does not have guard but they are not good when you gonna update the game..
    that's why NO launcher on this game.. is only gonna use the steam.. common man... you must know is bad to have Launcher when the steam can take the updates and the installing part and you just need wait until is finish instead of waiting alot more longer

    1. launcher is if the game shall run it as its own.. and not Direct Connected to steam. then you need the launcher
    But the steam cannot update the game...when the luncher are on the game.. becouse the launcher are splitted from the game so steam will not update the game.

    2. there is alot of games some use launcher some are into the steam but steam cannot update the game..
    so you must wait for installing the game and you must wait for the game have updated before you can really play the game..
    instead of let the steam install and update all in 1.. as this game have now..

    3... if you like the launcher so much then i think you found a wrong game... for Your Enjoy

    sorry if i was stepping on Your feet but..please think before you post..
    well there is kind of a launcher.. but is not that kind of launcher you thinking of.. this game use UE if you dont know what UE are..
    UE are Unreal Engine... thats the same engine some was made the Unreal Tournament if you have ever played that game..
    when you starting the game you dont see the UE starting becouse that is hidden.. but it will popup if the there is some problems With the UE....

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