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Life enhancing suggestions

Nov 15, 2016
Hi, first of all great game adn iam looking forward to see more and more of it.

Most of my suggestions is mostly just some small cosmetic updates that could really help this game.

1. Its hard to orientate on the map
If map would be "split" in to layers which would automaticaly switch to whichever floor you are on, would be realy nice and helpfull.
1.1 with this adding small arrow to the quest objetive area / npc indicating if it is above or below you.

2. Quest area indication - It doestn have to be specific to precise point but. Few quest that you get will send you eventualy out of the area and you can spend a lot of time running around and searching for the item NPC etc. (And you dont get any hint about that it is someother place)
Example: I was searching for the turtle in the base. (Spend 2 hours) After that i just asked on chat and i got info the turtle is around some desert or what. (First how the hell did the turqois get there) And second no indication what so ever in the quest text.

2.1 Few quest i crossed doest give exact position on to where to complete them. Ex: The quest with the posters, or last part of fixing the ventilation system wheres guy pouring some toxic sh*t into the vents.
For keeping the balance of running around and searching the improvement could be just popup of yellow circle on the ground where to stand. Similar to when you go around items and the name of the item or NPC popsup.

2.2 Different color for Quest giving items and Quest items. Make them yellow for giving and green for quests.
As you start the game you are owerhelmd by things you can clic and use of them do nothing so after few tries you just go around them and then you have to do some backtracking to find one that you suposted to click to get some Q item.

2.3 Adding info on usig Quest item form your inventory to the quest description and tracking. Just adding
(Use item in you inventory)

2.4 Adding previous quest texts and all the "talks" from NPCs would be cool. Sometimes i click too fast and i miss somehing and theres no way to go back and read it properly.

And thats all i think. Iam sorry for my bad english but it is not my mother language.


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Jul 8, 2015
Hello there o/ We appreciate your attention to the game :) Afaik all of these points are due to incomplete nature of the current game client - its a technical alpha, where devs develop and test various aspects of the future game in fact. So quest system incomplete, quest journal incomplete, map and mini-map is just a sketch in comparison with future map idea, player’s inventory incomplete, progression incomplete and etc.
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