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Poll Making this section being more clear

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by dureuileric, Nov 3, 2016.



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  1. dureuileric

    dureuileric Rookie

    Oct 28, 2016
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    I think it may be the time of creating sub forums and dispatch existing threads in them in order to organize and simplify search and new suggestions...
    I propose as an example:
    • Military (weapons, armors, vehicules, crafting, equipments) which can rapidily become a huge amount of threads in such a game...;)
    • Exploration and science (crafting, researches, vehicules, equipments)
    • Space
    • grounds (maps, vegetation, animals, races)
    • pvp (rules, crying about problems...)
    • syndication (features, no recruiting here)
    • user interface
    It may be usefull to subdivide them to now or in the future too... As some subject can generate a lot of ideas or discussions... and not many people even makes effort to read more than 3 of 5 ancient pages in a thread... and it the same for pages of thread in a sub forum...

    I propose to do the same rule as in the bug section, that is to say: 1 idea = 1 thread... Why because when we propose multiple things not always depending of each other then thread title can't describe clearly what you wanna talk about, more over people can talk only of some part of your ideas and can just forget others...

    A perfect counter example of what i say is the sympatic try of speaking about weapons in one only thread by our dear devs :ROFLMAO:

    Last argument, military sci-fi is a mitagition of real military, sciences and part of anticipition but like movies or tv series nowadays people like to watch or play something with a way of realism and many of us have military, programming and or sciences backgrounds... so it risks to have a lot of ideas... :whistle:

    good reading :cool:

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