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Mandatory: Instanced loot, quest drops and shared XP - this isn't 2005 anymore.


Jan 28, 2016
Dear developers,

In 2005, we were accepting of global loot, we dealt with loot masters, need/greed rolls, last hit mechanics for XP/drops and so on. We were more durable and willing to play a punishign mechanic because we didn't know how life could be.

Yet here we are, in 2016, and I can see loot being ninja'd by random players, XP only awarded to whoever spams E the fastest, and many more relicts of a past long gone. I also see quest drops only appearing when I have the quest active, and so on.

This is not what your game should be like. You don't want the reputation using outdated tech/mechanics. I strongly suggest you work on instanced loot, quest drops before havign a quest, and XP being shared among participants if you want to stand much of a chance in a saturated market.
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