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Oceania/SEA server


Oct 11, 2016
It was suggested by staff I met in discord that I should post up my recommendation for servers in the Asian region.

To puts things into perspective I am a huge backer of EA titles on steam, and each time I get on board I feel more and more inclined to want to help knowing how fickle gamers came be and how quickly games can die before they are even released.

Being a non-target shooter mmo its critical that you guys do everything you can to assist the gamers in the respective regions to have low pings as it can unfairly skew opinion on performance especially during EA.

This is critical for any dev team wanting to release a game in EA on steam especially considering how quickly you get reviews that will lack understanding between optimization issues and server/client response times.

Lastly the Asian region whether a server is placed in Singapore ( SEA ) or Oceania ( Australia ) it can significantly improve your player number base, maintain it and during EA which is also often overlooked is the momentum you gained on release to steam in EA.

Don't do what Firefall did. Who failed to ever address the server performance with constant rubber banding on their so called megaservers.

The cost of investing in the Asian region is significantly cheaper then it ever used to be. With the likes of AWS and Azure datacentres going up everywhere and in fierce competition ( i know this cus I work in this field ) has driven prices down.

I can't stress how much you guys can gain from being ping conscious in this type of IP.
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