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    So, this thread is duplicate of this one from RU part of the forums.
    We still don’t have any kind of dev tracker, so devs created thread I mentioned above to post some minor news and maybe some thoughts, so the community could know whats going on in general.
    Here I’ll try to keep you guys up with latest news and stuff from that thread.

    Without further ado, lets go :)
    --- May 13, 2016 ---
    May 9th, 2016 [source]

    We spoke with Chinese Publisher, again. They want to give us support by localizing and publishing Project Genom in China. We are very happy with this kind of offer, but first and foremost we want to create a working, balanced, feature-complete, entertaining version of the game, and only then can we talk about any kind of publishing our product in China or other countries. Thus, the offer is still valid, but we won’t talk about publishing and/or localization until we will be close to the final stage of development our game.
    --- May 13, 2016 ---
    May 10th, 2016 [source]

    We released another patch on our internal build, here is changes&fixes:
    - fixed 2 bugged quests
    - almost fixed nasty bug: if player runs through «transition» between zones holding Shift key animation would stuck.
    - added temporary 2D worldmap and minimap (radar) as well.
    - found some «transparent» textures. Will fix ‘em later.
    - fixed animation for «reloading» blades.
    - fixed bug that was causing duplicate quests.
    - fixed a number of system bugs that were crashing game client.
    - a number of other minor fixes

    PS live patch is near (if we not find any new «surprises»)
    --- May 13, 2016 ---
    May 13th, 2016 [source]
    Yet another patch to internal build with:
    - finally fixed that damn bug with stucking animation of the character when sprinting while running between zones
    - partially fixed bug with wrong character fall animations (need some more fixes though)
    - fixed some doors improper work
    - fixed a number of character animations (movement is really smooth now)
    - fixed some incorrect environment textures
    - slightly improved mobs aggro when attacked from a distance
    - added few corrections for texts

    PS: We still need to fix random switch of «weapon/no weapon» stance, stuck movement animation after fall, some textures bugs. Then we could go to patch release at full speed.
    --- May 19, 2016 ---
    May 19th, 2016 [source]
    New player controller suddenly caused a number of new issues, and we CAN fix them, but it'll get some time. Because we just have no title to do delay and torment you guys with waiting, we made a decision to make an experiment and create somewhat called "Controller v1.5" (the one betwwen v1 and v2). We've made a patch on internal build, and its results are:
    - A new structure of the world, the locations, the code - works extremely well with Controller v1.5
    - A number of bugs that was causing slight subsidence FPS (about 4-7 frames) at some points in some locations has been fixed
    - After a series of tests, we have found that we can put some animation updates to the Controller v1.5
    - It became apparent that thanks to the Controller v1.5 we are finally able to throw all our energies on building content and improving the gameplay, instead of engaging in version v2 controller repairs

    PS: We are, in any case, will implement Controller v2 into the game, but at the moment when our testers will not languish in anticipation of being in an empty world where there is nothing to do. Now we'll try to promptly carry out a series of tests with more v1.5 Controller and the long-awaited update will finally come to light. And then, at a completely different pace, we will start to build up the content, so that together with you we begin to test it and carry out balance. We once again offer our deepest apologies to all our community for the fact that you have to wait so long for an update

    --- Jun 20, 2016 ---
    DISCLAIMER: Apologies for long silence in Team PG Chronicles. First, there were many patches, so community could clearly see what was going on. Second, some processes required tuning and confirmation for us to tell you about them, and, well, thats what we are going to do now.
    June 18th, 2016 [source]
    1) Controller 2.0 caused many problems and issues due to how it was made, so we decided to redone it completely. Last month we've recreated it from zero, and are happy to tell that it is 72% more stable and reliable than old one (stats are based on gathered test data about server load, how hardware works, how code and scripts work). Latest test shows that we are almost ready to release Controller 2.0 for our testers (players). We just need to polish some visual elements and animations before that. With Controller 2.0 we've also tested effects from number of active skill and techiques types - butt of rifle hits, leg kicks, PBAE (point-blank AoE), AoE, variety of effects with animations (self buff and etc.)
    2) In addition to all the things announced (craft and etc.), we're working on finishing balalance of resources you guys will use in crafting. Today we've finished adding properties to each and every of 300 resource types. Each resources has four of those, they work as resources modifiers - cut or boost resources properties when crafting (DO NOT confuse with result item's properties). We hope finally finish adding crafting properties to each of 300 resources next week (those affect result item properties). At the same time we are finishing work on creating 1251 blueprints for crafting(rifles, pistols, tactical/assault/sabotage battle suits)
    3) Artists and level-designers are actively working on new locations and world assets that we are planning to add throughout the summer

    Total: as always we continue to actively work on all directions, so the game will improve much more soon.
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    November 22nd, 2016 [source]
    As you may know, devs are hard at work on new netcode and all the things connected with it - database, latest UE4 version, system that connects key components of the game and etc.
    Here is some summary:
    - work on creation and optimization of new database, as well as its adaptation to upcoming new system is almost complete.
    - new game client has passed series of preliminary tests and measurements before migration to new version of the engine. Migration will be completed soon.
    this new engine version is 4.14 -> (link to key features of UE 4.14 here)
    - more than 3 thousand separate tasks completed on creation of new netcode and net structure. "Equator" is passed and soon netcode will be ready for dedicated test server tests
    - level design is being actively worked on
    - created a number of new environment models
    - new types of weapons and equipment (art + modeling) is being worked on
    - new UI is in final stage of development

    PS Yes we are aware how hard is to wait. But we must make this new system, because without it the game has no future. We work in an emergency rate 24/7 without sleep and rest and hope that you will understand us and what is happening now. All of us together have to go through this period. Updates with new content will come out more often, and the quality of these updates will be higher. We believe in the project, we believe in you and we believe that we can together with you show the world how to make MMORPGs. Once again, thank you all for your patience and for the expression of criticism, it is important for us!
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