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Problem or Bug with Quest


Hello Dev. Team.

I have a problem since yesterday with my quest. Yesterday in the Quest ,,Mad Hound" i reached the state to report Gore in the Ark. But when i entered the Ark my quest got reseted to the state when i started it. Then i logged out and wait for Today. Today i started the quest and finished it without any further problems. But then in the next Quest ,,Excursion the Dump" i finished the state to cover me in Poop :) then i thought maybe i finish the Buttercup quest before. I did and head back to the Ark and damn it happens again. Both quests got reseted to the state when i logged in today. Dunno if its my fault or a Bug. But its a bit annoying. I hope you can tell me how to, or help to solve this problem. Thx and great game for Alpha Phase.

Ps. My Char. name is Tsundere.