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Project Genom Discord Server


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Jul 22, 2016
Hello all today I am happy to announce that I have made a Discord server for all to come and to enjoy, I will have roles set up for each that joins, all I need to know is what Founder/Avalon Pack you have so I can stick the right role with you. The channel has a built in level system so the more active you are the higher level you get, you also get role rewards as well, what kind you ask? Come and get active to find out ;). PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS TOPIC OR POST ANYTHING!!!

Project Genom Server: (EN/RU)

Discord Download:
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Tutorial on how to join:
Step #1:
Click the link provided above, MAKE SURE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT WITH A VERIFIED EMAIL PLEASE, and join the server. Here is what it will look like:

Step #2:
Follow the directions in the #welcome section of the server. Like so:

Step #3:

Wait for the staff or myself to respond to add your role(s). NOTE: Please be online when I do this, I don't like hunting for the offline people. There you go! Welcome to the server!

Latest Discord Server Notes
Update: - October 2, 2017
- Added an email verification requirement to join the server.
- Fixed the #welcome channel permissions

- September 10, 2016
- Discord Server now has a Russian chat room! WOOHOO!!

Update: - September 11, 2016
- Added a channel for game updates, now you can see all the previous updates and the current updates.
- Added an "ENG" and "RU" role to indicate who speaks English and who speaks Russian. (Or both)

Update: - September 12, 2016
- Removed the invites to the regular chats
- Added a new chat called #welcome for the people new to the server
- Translations of the rules for English and Russian languages

Update: - September 14, 2016
- Updated the #rules section for both English and Russian translations.

Update: - September 15, 2016
- Updated the #gameupdates channel with the latest patch information

Update: - September 16, 2016
- Fixed the "Mee6" bots permissions and roles

Update: - September 19, 2016
-Added a "Steambot" to the server

Update: - September 26, 2016
- Fixed up some of the commands, mainly for the staff

Update: - October 4, 2016
- Renamed #gameupdates to #gameupdates_english
- Added a #gameupdates_russian channel for the russian patch notes
- Added an
#unofficial_patchnotes channel with the earliest information of the latest patch, remember it is NOT official notes
- Added a
#mee6_welcome channel to automatically welcome any new people to the server.
- Added a new channel called
#game_achievements to show all the game achievements from Project Genom

Update: - October 8, 2016
- Removed the "Member" role from users who have founder roles. They don't need it.
- Put the
Basic, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Founders in one category, preparing for early access.
- Added a
#twitch channel, now you can see who is streaming!
- Put my army roles members and roles into one category.
- Changes to prepare for early access.

Update: - October 11, 2016
- Added new roles for the founders that decide to upgrade via avalon packs.
New Roles:
Bronze Avalon
- Silver Avalon
- Gold Avalon
These new roles will be set for new people who purchase early access starting tomorrow (October 12th), any founder users who choose to upgrade with an avalon pack will be put under the "Founder/Avalonian Hybrid" section.
- Updated the #rules section.
- Updated server picture.

Update: - October 15, 2016
- Added a #tweaks channel, now we can add some possible tweaks for the game!
- Fixed role permissions for voice chat

Update: - October 16, 2016
- Increased the amount of people that can voice chat in each channel from 5 to 10.
- Added five Russian voice chat channels.
- Updated Discord server invite link, no longer should be "expired".
- Added a "Helper" role to the server.
- Tweaked the permissions.
- Added a Russian Support voice chat.

Update: - October 17, 2016
- Updated instructions in the #welcome channel, READ THEM CAREFULLY PLEASE.
- Added a #map_resources channel, now everything will be located!

Update: - October 19, 2016
- Added the #helper_chat channel, have fun helpers!
- Renamed
#staff to #staff_chat.
- Renamed
#englishchat to #english_chat.
- Renamed
#russianchat to #russian_chat.
- Renamed my army chat.
- Redid the entire voice channel permissions, no more flawed roles.
- The Helper role is now separate.
- Added a Helper voice channel.

Update: - October 22, 2016
- Fixed roles for the #tweaks section.
- Fixed the roles in the
#welcome channel.

Update: - October 24, 2016
- Added a #the_void channel, for the trouble makers, you end up here you may never come back for weeks or even months. Lets be good shall we.
- Renamed
#staff_chat to #game_staff_chat.
- Added a new channel,
#discord_staff_chat, now there is more specification between game staff and my server staff.
- Renamed the "
Staff" role to "Game Staff"
- Added a new role, "
Discord Staff"
- Renamed the "
Moderator" role to "Discord Moderator"
- New permissions were made for the new roles and changes.
Role rewards coming soon!!!

Update: - October 27, 2016
- Added a #game_news channel, now we can see all the latest news about whats going on about the game and the new updates.
- Added a
#gameupdates_french channel.
- Added a
#french_chat channel.
- Added five french chat rooms.

Update: - November 1, 2016
- Added categories for the voice chat channels.

Update: - November 3, 2016
- Updated the permissions for the latest Discord update.
- Added an AFK voice chat room, when you go afk for long periods of time you move to that chat room.

Update: - November 10, 2016
- Fixed permissions for the server Moderators.
- Added a
#music channel to post all the music you like. Remember no spamming please.
- Added a
#discord_server_notes channel to show all the recent changes to the server.

Update: - November 16, 2016
- Removed my syndicate and roles from the server, now it has its own server.

Update: - November 18, 2016
- Updated the tutorial to this server!

Update: - December 20, 2016
- Removed #the_void channel.
- Added a #youtube channel.

Update: - January 29, 2017
- Updated majority of the channel names.
- Fixed the AFK voice chat room.

Update: - February 13, 2017
- Updated all of the voice channels.

Update: - March 5, 2017
- Added the Discord topic back into "General Discussions" of the Project Genom forums.

- March 29, 2017
- Updated the Project Genom emoji's a bit for the server. Enjoy everyone!

- April 24, 2017
- Added 10 new Project Genom emoji's!

- June 12, 2017
- Removed the #maintenance channel
- Removed the
- Removed the #german_chat
- Removed obsolete roles
- Added a new server icon

- June 13, 2017
- Small changes to the invite link
- Added three new custom commands:

!signup - This gives you a direct link to sign up onto the official Project Genom forum.
!forums - This command gives you a direct link to the forums.
!youtube - This gives you a direct link to the Project Genom YouTube channel.

- July 29, 2017
- Fixed some bot issues in the server.

- September 23, 2017
- Categorized the Discord server channels.
- Removed the Helper voice chat

- October 2, 2017
- Added an email verification requirement to join the server.
- Fixed the
#welcome channel permissions
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Phazon Clan Leader
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Jul 22, 2016
Update: - April 23, 2018
- Tweaked the server permissions.
- Tweaked the server channels.

I have decided to try and use a different approach when joining the server so it is less of a hassle to my moderators to apply roles to members. I will explain the process when the time comes, until then enjoy your stay!


Phazon Clan Leader
Gold Founder
Jul 22, 2016
Alright everyone, it's been a while since my last post about the server. I decided to do a little bit of cleaning up and tweaking somethings here and there. One major thing I did was remove the #welcome section entirely. I realize that the way I had the server set up for that type of security wasn't efficient, so I made it easy to join now by a couple clicks, you will be required to stay on Discord for more than five minutes however. Removed a couple unnecessary roles as the people who had them aren't active anymore. I made a new invite link since it was needed after the #welcome channel was removed, so here is the new link:

Project Genom Server Link (EN/RU):
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
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