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Pros/cons/to upgrade (multiple)


Oct 12, 2016
Hello there!

Just bought the game today, and I'm already fan of it! Will probably buy a pack soon ;)

The game has a good starting universe, a lot of possibilities, already fluid animations and concepts. The graphics are quite good for now, and I know there will be improvement to become even more awesome.

That said, here are some ideas I found. I'll begin with the more important to my eyes:
  • Servers! Now that PG is officially on Steam, I witnessed throughout the day the load on the server is bigger by the hour. I hope you guys are ready because one hell of a game attracts one hell of players. And I really would like to be able to play =D
  • Questing...
    • Log: The quest log is kind of a mess right now I think. It's missing some clarity:
      • Keep dialogs in the quest log to help players. All dialogs should be reminded, it helps a lot when a player (like me) wants to find some clues.
      • Inverse the order of the quests in the journal: finished quests at the end, not finished at the bottom, it will help to split the two and will not force players to always scroll or repress the "hide finished quests" button over and over again.
    • Marking: I know, I know, a lot of people are probably crying about that, but I think the quest marking needs some improvement, especially for NPCs. How many hours I turned in the Ark to find the correct one...
  • Friends and Squad/Group/Team system (but I think you're already working on it or planned it ^^).
  • In any menu, please put a simple image of the keyboard showing which key is used for what. That'll help a lot of players, until a keyboard configuration is set.
  • Tooltips. Yeah, when you're in contextual menu, please display a small tooltip to say what icon is what... I already trashed some items I didn't want to because I didn't know.
For the less important now:
  • Explanations on armors and everything: when I started the game, I didn't know what armors were what. Not that I know, I'm kind of feeling dumb to have put so many points in other armors I don't want to use yet.
  • Speaking of that, maybe a way to refund skill points in the trees would be nice. Even if in the end it does not matter because there will probably be a multiclassing / multiset choice (like stuff switch or something), it could be useful, at least at the beginning.
  • The NPC hell. Figuring where is each NPC is horrible. It could be nice either being able to display NPCs on the map or have somewhere a database.
  • Speaking of that, did you thought of doing a wiki? (or wikia) I would gladly help to contribute to it or set it up if you guys want.
  • The 3D sounds are very confusing as you never really know where they come from. I know it's a lot of work, but if you can make it so the sounds are decreased according to distance or terrain collision, that would be awesome of you!
  • Settings change, whether it's sound or controller changes (and maybe more graphic changes).
  • Maybe put a dodge in it, so people don't have to run around when they are reloading in order to dodge spits ^^
  • Level limits of monsters are not shown enough. Either I missed something in the options, but when I target a mob, even if it's too far away for my weapon, I'd like to see the level of that little piece of sh** before having to endure it's charge and being dead in two strikes.
  • Character costumization and armor painting. Pretty please =D I know the painting could **** up the model and skin ideas, but it would be great.
  • Some NPCs still have russian quotes, which is kind of funny but when it gets to a quest text, it becomes special. As for the wikia, where can I propose my help if needed?
  • HUD configuration: being able to resize some components.
One point I'd like to discuss is the weapon mastery. I find it's a great system, but I feel like at one point, one has to grind to get more points because she's stuck at a certain mastery level for her main weapon, which sucks a bit.

Keep up the fantastic work and thank you! =D Can't wait for next updates!


Oct 13, 2016
most of this sounds reasonable, I'm particularly supportive of tool tips ( i know they have to be coming but !tooltips!)


Oct 12, 2016
Batch n°2! =D

Thanks for the servers by the way, it runs a lot smoother now.

- MONKEEEYYYY. I call it monkey, the thing near the armory hitting a sign "sorry, alpha". I'm not annoyed easily, but this one... grrr.
- Would be nice if the energy and shield wouldn't go depleted when changing zone.
- Cross melee hit. Well... hit with your cross. Little damage, but would be nice to kill mobs with 3hp without having to reload.
- Continue to track quest after step change (or log of steps for same quest). Because retrack quests everytime is kind of a pain ^^
- Easy way back in skill tree (to main skill circle). For now the only solution I found was to press C again. Or maybe there's another way?
- More respawn points. Being killed in the Desert and reppearing at the Ark seems weird.
- Teleport points. Goes with the respawn points. Players could pay some fees to get teleported somewhere, like quick travel. But that's an idea, with quads and vehicules, it becomes not really mandatory.
- Aggro indicator (when you aggro mobs). At least a sound, because I'm not always watching my life or my surroundings when I'm in my inventory and a mob repop nearby.
- Make armor xp rank up with foot travelling. That would be cool.
- Hitbox in the skill circle too tiny, feels unresponsive/buggy. When you want to select a category in the skill circle.
- Cannot move/minimize the window during U4 engine videos or loading screens. But someone already addressed the issue in another topic.
- Level up effects or notification. Could be nice.
- Show if a monster is for a quest. When you target a monster, that could help too. But not mandatory.
- Do a special interaction for the Radio. Since Radio is an important part of the game, I think it deserves a better an easier access. Maybe you could do it like Wildstar, with a special communication button in the UI.
- Conserve chat between zones. Could be nice too.
- Ammo boxes in Creta. Mooooar ammo boxes in general, but in Creta there's like none. Kind of a pain to change zone to get another box and come back.
- Show on the map what NPC has a quest to get or give. Could be nice too.

Have a nice week-end =D
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