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Question about Golden Founder pack VS Golden Avalon pack

Oct 22, 2016
I know that the founder packs and avalon packs are not implemented yet but I was wondering what the differences are between the two golden editions.

When comparing I see these are the benefits that the golden avalon pack has and the founder pack doesn't have:
- 4 additional slots in your inventory
- Access to the developers' chat
- Access to the test server
- Access to the closed developers' sections
- Premium support service

These are very nice benefits that you seem to miss out on when having the golden founder pack but not the golden avalon pack.

My question: Will the stuff listed above also be included in the future in the golden founder pack or will that remain exclusively for the golden avalon pack holders?

Golden founder pack details:
Golden founder pack details.png

Golden avalon pack details:
Golden Avalon pack details.png
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