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Question(s) to Developers


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Jun 29, 2015
What question (questions) would you ask developers if there is a stream?
Maybe you have some interesting questions to know more about team and game.

We would like to think about your questions to answer them at one of the future streams.
Dec 19, 2015
I would like to know more about the plans for how different weapons will 'feel' when we use them.

I have been in the un-named game a long time, and I have recently been in The Division while waiting for the patch. Both those do a good job of making the different classes of weapons feel very different when used in combat. Rate of fire, the sounds, the recoil and other control aspects (The Division does that plenty) all make the weapon behave very differently. In the game that shall not be named, we add the elemental (fire, cold, poison etc.) effects on top of that.

There are plenty of other games that do a decent job as well of making every weapon feel and play differently.

Along those lines, I find that in the current Genom the reticle on screen in not where my Avatar in game is looking or pointing his weapon, so it makes for a very non-intuitive shooting and is frustrating.

The Division has the 3rd person over the shoulder view as well, but the reticle matches up perfectly with where the in game Avatar is looking and pointing so it feels totally natural.

I hope Genom can fix this is the new build.

If we are not going to have FPS viewpoint, then we need the over the shoulder viewpoint to have a totally natural matching of the aim point to where the Avatar is looking and aiming in game.

So - general discussion of this aspect with respect to weapons is one question...
Mar 26, 2016
  • What are the plans for grouping, both temporary (squads) and permanent (guilds/clans/armies)?
  • Will there be any incentives for permanent grouping like clan gear, bonuses, research, holdings, etc?
  • Will the game have a public API to supply persistent data (such as clan info/members/stats, player stats, etc)? Example
  • Will the game have an ingame addon API to supply and manage real-time and persistent data?
  • Will there be a referral system, maybe discount coupons, limited time trial keys or shiny cosmetic coupons for higher tier supporters to give away?
  • Is there a possibility for some kind of group-based bonus (like +5% xp to squad or such) for higher tier supporters?
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