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Quests and a minor rebalance

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Fairdwin, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. Fairdwin

    Fairdwin Inquisitive Silver Avalonian

    Oct 21, 2016
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    Ok, so I have a problem with quests. Or, I should say I'm running into a problem. I can't do quests for fear of the EXP gained from them pushing me into higher levels before I'm ready.

    Now, there have been ideas to fix things like this. Example: EXP on/off toggle. My idea is far simpler and 'should' be easy enough to implement.

    Here's my take on helping mitigate this problem.

    Quests give EXP, AND a small (but significant) amount of progress EXP on armor/weapons/skills related to the quest.

    I don't know the other methods they have in mind for dealing with Point gain, but this might help, and until I know more I can't refine my ideas. Sorry.
  2. Stolpskott

    Stolpskott <Insert Custom Title Here> Golden Founder

    Oct 16, 2016
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    I like the idea of having some kind of xp toggle... or preferably a way of redirecting Character XP gains into Skills XP for the weapon/armor being used at the time.

    The template that I envision is basically the one that Everquest 2 added when I was playing that a few years ago - they had a secondary skill tree with a separate points system to the Character XP level, with those secndary skills either modifying/enhancing combat skills, providing character Quality of Life upgrades (food buffs are greater/last longer, that sort of thing), lifetap-style self-heals, quicker crafting, and so on. The system allowed you to either turn off or reduce the gain of Character XP, thus stopping you gaining levels, and optionally to redirect Character XP to that secondary points system, so that you gained secondary points more quickly.
    The meta for the game with min-maxers became quite predictable - a pre-defined set of secondary skills that provided the greatest benefit, and redirecting 100% of Character XP to secondary skill points until hitting the level cap for them. But as this allowed you to still run quests (getting the gold and item rewards, with the xp being redirected as desired) it meant that the player could still progress the story through the quest system without having to jump through specific hoops to try and game the system.

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