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Size of Bosses / Size vs. Difficulty to Combat

Dec 19, 2015
Please see:

размеры мобов в т.ч. и боссов

That is a very to the point Russian thread on how Genom should deal with sizes of Bosses and how sizes and/or other attributes of NPCs and enemies relate to how hard they are to combat.

As said in that thread:

Bad - just making something giant and having 1000 times the HP of a small enemy is not very good!

Good - making things sensible is good....


Raiders wearing t-shirts and raggedy pants are easy to kill. Raiders wearing full armor and sci-fi tech armor are hard to kill.

Creatures with thin skins and eyeballs exposed are easy to kill. Creature with thick armor plating and angled armor plates are hard to kill.

Creatures that are small compared to creatures 50% bigger are easier to kill given other factors being equal.

The Russian thread makes these points pretty well.

Similarly, it makes sense that when we kill a hard to kill enemy for whatever reason, the loot that comes off of them matches what they had either worn or was their organic exoskeleton or whatever. Poison gland from a poison creature, heavy chest armor from a Raider wearing it.... it all matches up!

When one instead fights a 1000 foot tall giant version of a humanoid who is naked, one can hardly put on 'armor' dropped by him because 1) he didn't wear it 2) it wouldn't come close to anything one could refit to wear on our human sized forms.
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