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Some Fixes and Suggestions.


Jun 25, 2018
Hi, i'm sure you are working hard to make this game great (again :ROFLMAO:) but I want to share some ideas that you can add/fix in priority :

- Add a Crouch Key (better to hide in gunfight)
- Add an Auto-Run Key (cause the map is huuuge)
- Add Strafe/Dodge function (Not priority)
- Save the Position of the character when we logout (With a terminal in important location or something)

And the most important at all :

- Fix Transport ! Cause it's very annoying to run everytime from the Ark to far locations
- Fix this weird falling when the character leaves the Ark.
- Fix the teleportation to the Harbinger when you leave an Instance.

There is a lot of things that can be fixed or added, like sound, effect, bug ... But I'm pretty sur you are already working on it.

Thx you and keep the good work.

(Sorry for my small lvl in english)
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