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Start of the PTS servers


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Oct 21, 2015

Hello, friends! We are happy to announce that the promised PTS is about to be launched. This event is significant for the game and the team and will allow the further development to happen at an increased pace. Anyone who is interested in the project development and who to participate in testing the early Technical Alpha can read the instructions on accessing PTS below. Those who are not so interested in the early development stages can just skip today's Newsletter.

We want to emphasize once again that the current testing is a technical test of a very early version of the updated project. It includes the game basis, and most of the planned mechanics are still absent. This testing primarily aims at people who want to help us finding critical bugs flaws in the network part of the project. Don’t expect to find quests, PvP, mechs, or space. But it’s the first opportunity to see the updated project alive for the first time in 8 months. We recommend waiting for later versions of the game to those who would like to enjoy gaming without searching for bugs on test locations.

Thanks to everyone who supports our team! We believe that from now on Project Genom is entering a new level, and we are glad that you can participate in this together with us.

PTS Access Instruction

To take part in PTS testing, you must have an activated copy of Project Genom in your Steam library. Additional DLC kits do not affect this test in any way. If there is no game in your library, and you did not purchase it, unfortunately, you won’t be able to take part in the testing. In this case, we highly recommend not to buy our project for the sake of PTS tests. Please wait until the project enters the final stage for a comfortable gameplay.

Forum Registration

If you already have a registered account on the game forum, you can skip this step.

If you have an activated game copy, you should visit the official game forum at Project Genom Community You can also visit forum via top menu bar on the official website Project Genom » Sci-Fi Mmorpg by selecting the appropriate item (Forum).

You will have to sign up on the forum. Just log in by entering your login if you've done this already (if you are not logged in now). If this is the first time you visit the forum, you should click on the "Log in or Sign up" text in the upper right corner of the page, or you can click on the big "Sign up now!" button below.

After clicking on one of the sign-up buttons, the following registration fields to be filled in will pop-up on top of the page:
  1. Enter your forum name or current email address you have access to in the "Your name or email address" field.
  2. Choose "No, create an account now" in the next step "Do you already have an account?"
  3. Click on the "Sign up" button that appears.

You can also register through other accounts on third-party resources (for example, through social networks). The list of resources is available to the right of the registration fields. Click on the appropriate button and follow the instructions to enter through other resources.

When you click on the "Sign up" button you will be redirected to a web page with the following data fields to fill in:
  1. First, you should enter the desired forum name and also your current email address you have access to. Depending on whether you entered your email or name in the previous step, one of the fields will be automatically filled in.
  2. Then you should create and a password to access the forum, which you will subsequently use when logging in along with the login.
  3. Next, specify your birth date by selecting the month and entering the day and year.
  4. Confirm that you are not a robot by clicking on the square field on the captcha.
  5. Mark the checkbox checked by clicking on it to confirm that you agree with forum terms and rules that are accessible through the highlighted link next to the checkbox.
  6. Finally, click on the "Sign up" button.

That’s all. You’ve signed up and logged into the game forum.

Steam Account Association

Once you’ve logged into your account with your login, you need to link your forum account with your Steam account, if you haven’t done this before.

To associate your accounts, you should:
  1. Point your mouse over the account icon in the upper right part of the forum page.
  2. Select "Game Account" item in the opened window and click on it.

If you haven't linked your forum account to your Steam account before, you will see a window with the "Associate with Steam" button. Click on it.

After that, you will be automatically redirected to the Steam website, where you will need to click on the "Sign In" button for integration.

After that, you will be redirected back to the forum, where you will need to enter your forum account password (not the Steam account password), and then click on the "Associate Account" button.

Then you should click on the "Update a forum account" button that appears.

And then again click on another "Update a forum account" button.

After that, you will see the "Get Key" button below. Click on it.

If everything was done correctly, you’ll see the number of your unique PTS access key, which you need to activate in your Steam library.

Activation Your Key on Steam

You should activate the key you received on the forum just the same way as you activate any other game:

1.You should launch Steam, enter your account, open the "Games" menu and select "Activate a Product on Steam…" If you don’t have a Steam client installed on your computer, you need to download it from the official site and install it.

2.When a window pops up, you should read and accept the Steam Subscriber Agreement, enter the key in the appropriate "Product Code" field, click "Next", and then complete the key activation.

When you activate the key, the game will appear in your Steam library. You should download and install it on the computer by following the instructions.

PTS Features

As we’ve already mentioned, this PTS game version represents the basis of the future project. But testing this very core is the most important task at this stage of the game development.

It is worth remembering that this testing takes place on our production servers, and we use them to directly and regularly upload even the smallest updates. Thus, we cannot guarantee the stability of servers. You should be prepared for their frequent restarts for updates and fixing the content according to your bug reports. In addition to it, we should point out the character wipe. PTS characters will never reach the release game version and can be reset at any time by technical need.

We remind you that PTS will include:
  • New network architecture of the game, which should eradicate most of the old bugs, freezes, and lags that appeared on v0.6.17.2.
  • New server system with transitions.
  • Stable and seamless transitions in the open world.
  • Improved database.
  • Updated male and female characters with a new controller and animations.
  • Character customization.
  • Updated opponents with a more advanced AI system, unique animations, behavior and combat features, and damage spots. Diggers will be the primary opponents during testing.
  • Updated user interface.
  • New open world with a completely redesigned area up to 60 square miles (100 square kilometers).
  • Nine unique instances.
  • Dynamic day and night cycle.
  • New non-player characters system with the daily routine.
  • Dialogue system.
  • Basic character progression system (experience gain and skill points)
  • Separate test showroom location with main mobs, all types of weapons and armor, as well as fast travel spots connected with all game locations.

Area of Focus

At the very beginning of the game, you should test the character creation and new customization system. Twist, drag, change hair and try to break the character in every possible way.

When the customization is over, you will enter the initial level to make sure that the player interaction with objects in the world works OK. In particular, here you will find the "Eyes" and first opponents.

To pass this level, take the Plasma Cutter (1.) and equip it by opening the inventory via pressing "I" key, choosing the weapon section and dragging the cutter onto the empty pistol slot (2.). Once it is equipped, close the inventory and press "Q" to holster the weapon. Shoot at opponents by pressing LMB. To exit this location, walk through to its end and go down to the air vents (3.).

Once you leave this zone, you will find the Ark with a new system of non-player character system, exit to the open world, and a transition to the showroom.

In the open world, the most important thing to test is the stability the network part and the transitions stability. When moving from server to server, you may notice a short-term picture blinking. It is OK and will indicate that you’ve just made a transition, and the blinking point is a server boundary that you can cross back and forth searching for bugs. This blinking will be corrected in the release version.

In the showroom, in addition to being able to look at the content, you can equip any weapon and armor, and test it on enemies located in the next room. Also, you can quickly travel from the showroom to any instance and search for visual bugs on that location.

How to Report a Bug

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have a built-in bug report at the moment. In this regard, we ask you to report all bugs you find in the game by leaving a comment on the game forum in the corresponding section "Game Bugs" or send a request to the Support (especially if the found bug is critical and prevents testing).

Access to the support service is provided through the game forum. To fill in the form, click on the "Support Tickets" button and click "Submit New Ticket" in the opened window.

You will see a form to fill out and submit to the Support by clicking on the "Open Request" button. It is advisable to select the correct department to which the occurred problem belongs, to write a short and understandable title, and also describe the problem in details, the reason for its occurrence, and also attach a screenshot or video (if necessary).

Remember that this testing is aimed not only at finding technical and visual errors, but also at forming your opinion on the updated project. What seemed interesting and what seemed boring? What is beautiful and where is there still room for improvement? What is missing in the first place, and what should be added later? Please, leave all feedback and express all your ideas and thought on the forum pages. We have no doubt that it’ll help our project to become better!

Thank you all! We are waiting for you on our public test servers!


Oct 15, 2016
got the game sort of working, spent some time creating the character I wanted, the error messages are in russian only, one of which was char names of 3 to 20 chars

unable to create the char with any name I chose, alternatives are not suggested and will probably have to create the char again


Oct 15, 2016
managed to get into the game, many of the players in the station are shooting each other, so you respawn into the frag fest.

got outside and am on foot, no vehicles available.

ran off the side of the station and ended up in some compound, went to some cave as none of the doors in the compound worked

got to the bottom of the cave and the door to the next level does not work either, so exited to menu and back with the connect to steam.

no map
no chat
no idea where I am as the scenery has no station visible

looks a lot like no mans sky


Oct 20, 2015
I'm getting the "Connect to Steam" dialog. Don't know whether it's trying to connect or the severs are down.
Jul 2, 2017
Ok, I dun goofed. Copied my PTS code into Steam, downloaded it and BOOM - realised I had been logged into another family member's steam account (Doh!). I've logged a support ticket, but is there an 'easy' way to have my PTS code removed/reset so I can "Take 2" this?

Thanks heaps in advance.
Jul 28, 2017
Bacterial tks for the quick response but there is no game account button there for me
Well now there is not sure maybe it took awhile to update
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