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Starting Advice


Oct 15, 2016
For those just starting out here is some general advice that might help out:

1. You do NOT have to die to level up your armor. Dying doesn't make your points go up faster. If you want to verify this yourself press 'C' while you're being attacked and click on the Armor section. You can see the experience you get per-hit this way and the dying blow only adds as much experience as a normal hit does.

2. If you are stuck on a quest check the last tab of your inventory screen. Quest items often get placed here that you need to use but you do not get an update or notification about the item being in your inventory. Right click the item, select examine (the eye icon) and if there is a box at the bottom of the left that says Use, Call, Examine, etc click it. Try not to sell the items on this tab as there is no way to recover those items at this time.

3. If you encounter the situation where you fire a weapon but you are not hitting the target and ammo is not being used then you are out of sync with the server. The easiest fix for this is to hit the Esc-key, log out to the character select screen, then log back in. This will usually place you back to the point you were at when you fell out of sync with the server. This usually works if the /unstuck command stops working as well.

4. /whisper works but there are some issues in chat where the message doesn't always go through. Be patient and don't harass other players if they don't respond right away. Combat typically takes two hands and typing a response may not be a priority compared to survival.

5. Check the forums often. GamingwithNick is putting together some extremely helpful guide videos (links at Video Guides ) and one of the Helpers, Veronica, is working on a great guide for the Steam community ( Steam Community :: Guide :: Project Genom Newbie Guide )

6. The final bit of advice I can give is to remember this is still the Alpha testing phase. There are bugs a-plenty and all kinds of glitches but the point of the Alpha phase is to help smooth those wrinkles out. If you do encounter a bug PLEASE report it ( https://pgenom.com/community/support-tickets/ ) so the devs can actually track the issues people are experiencing. This will help improve the quality across the board.

If you need help /w me in game. My toons name is Stezio.
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