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Steam - mandatory upon 1.0 release?

Apr 29, 2016
Will Project Genom require the Steam client for the post-beta 1.0 release? (I do understand that Steam is currently required for alpha access.)

If Project Genom is planned to eventually have a stand-alone client that does not require Steam, will people who pay for Founder access now be able to get rid of the Steam client and use a stand-alone client to use their Founder's account in the future?

(I know many end-users will not agree with me, but Steam is like Facebook: it seems enticing, convenient, and free, but it can and has been used to betray users' trust and do horrible things to users' computers.)


PG Community Overlord
Staff member
Jul 8, 2015
its too early to say anything about stand-alone client or 1.0 release, lets talk about it when game make its way to closed beta at least

ok, got some info from devs:
at the moment there are no plans to implement stand-alone launcher, but it can be implemented rather quickly if at some point devs decide that this is required