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Aug 21, 2017
Hello! Emantide here,

This time I wanted to post a "wish list" on the game in the shape of suggestions :D

Some of this suggestions will be realted to:

3D modeling, animations/rigging, weapon ideas, and the vehicles.

1rst suggestion >>>HIRE ME<<< ^_^
No jokes. I want to work with you guys.

Real suggestions: Got some ideas about new weapons, such:

--Sticky grenade launcher or as thrown item:


stackable "tube-like" for magazines.

type shotgun: with a big "pipe", magazine style : barrel (greande launcher style)
type "grenade": player throws it like a disc which can correct its direction due to semi-target lock.

this weapon fires long range sticky grenades that travel through the air spining making air reistance to correct it's tragectory. Not particulary a fast traveling projectile and low precision due to area of effect, It's high damage so it should give the chace to dodge. This idea comes straight from sonic resonators from firefall used to extract materials placed arround the world.

--Extendable weapons:
There's a good example on an actual game called AION, daggers, hammers, "pole-arms" and two-handed swords. like this two examples:

extendable_weapons_example.jpg extendable_weapons_example2.jpg

--MISILES looots of MISILES, this is robot like futuristic stuff, we must have misiles, big ones and swarm of little charges, everyone loves that smoke trace behind a hell of a misile swarm

swarm_misiles.jpg Missile Swarm2.jpg

Movement animations:
Maybe a little parkour, some flips for jump transition it can give an smooth reception and re-engage the normal run state in a more natural way since it's a natural "in-motion" reception, not an static one.

transitions "in air"

jump_pose.jpg jump_pose2.png

interaction with objects like:
jump reception transition like :

roll_reception 2.jpg roll_reception.jpg


Most part of this comes from observation on the current art, (please don't hate me :D)

Quad bike:

--Stearing wheel must be changed theres some sort of axel which clips the model, I understand why it's there, but mate, you dont need a mechanical part connecting the vehicle with the steering wheel, think it like full electronic no axel needed. Remove it.

--Rims, no geometry there? put some geometry, couple of estrusions inwards and it will improve, promise.

Flying-bike-like thing:

--Change the seat since the driving pose isn't using the back part there's 2 options remove the back part or change the seat (better the last one)

--Decrease the with of the "gas deposit" dude its too huge

....can you tell how much a glass with that thickness will weight? wait, it's glass right?
if not, still too much thickness man.

I'll post the rest in another thread or as reply (can't attach more images in this one).


Resident Of Avalon
Aug 21, 2017
The Flying-bike-like thing:

You should stick to a single "world" dont try to stay between motorbike and car seat style. As you see in the attached images theres no bike-shape design that contains back-support-part. Make the general shape lower and longer, it will help to give an speed sensation driving it, will make it easy to attach weapons on it preventing the general shape to break since it's more vertical than horizontal.

Some images to help you understand what i mean:

no seat-back part breaking the general shape


this is more "car like" vehicle full seat allowed, all works in plane view since it's a semi-open cockpit. Not working in practice
since it has no foot holders outside and, in the other hand, while putting the legs in that narrow space will be hard or uncomfortable to drive having a handlebar as steering whel instead of a "joystick" airplane like.

Another example of clear back and compact design, low height, and it's easy to understand it could be fast, cause engine proportion.


Spaceship: Well, in this point things are going to be messy,

--Design problems detected on the plating used to create the general shape, worst part is the cock pit, and the part connecting it to the main body. It's like a bunch of objects stacked one on top of the another, not a bad idea but doesn't work.

not giving a solid-build and designed vehicle. I got the same problems trying to understand how to greeble the things, and got my conclusions. Don't stack objects, cut the hull instead and give it some offset, make plates but don't break the smooth general shape of the hull, then bake it and let normals work. I want to give your team a reddit page where I found the techniques used on Star Citizen to get sharp details on armor vehicles and all sort of stuff getting non pixelated details!!!!

it's ultra helpfull so please give it a shot:

I'm an tech artist in the industry and I'd love to clear up some misconceptions about rendering and game art workflows that I frequently see in comments from SC fans • r/starcitizen.

Well this is it, for the moment :D

One last thing: I can do a concept If you want, but...give me the chance to be hired!

love this progect, see you guys!

thanks and hope it helps.
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