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    So Today I finally got around to creating a SweetFX package for Project Genom

    If you dont know what SweetFX is are are interested in knowing more here's a post from CeeJay The man who started it.

    SweetFX Shader Suite release and discussion thread #3 - Guru3D.com Forums

    I used to post presets on SweetFX Settings Database But due to playing at very high resolutions and time constraints have been creating prepackaged setups for games for friends for some time now.

    Here are some side by side quick screenshot comparisons just to give you an idea. SweetFX can be toggled on and off in game with Scroll Lock.

    SweetFX OFF



    SweetFX ON



    Here's a link for the Zip file use the black "Download this file" button.


    Whats in the file

    Zip contents.PNG
    The read me should explain the install process. SweetFX runs with the game so once its in you just play like normal.

    I recommend in game settings set

    Anti-Aliasing and Post Processing to low.

    To uninstall it if you decide its unwanted go into the Win64 folder for the game and delete these files

    uninstall delete these files.PNG

    I will close this with an explanation from CeeJay on how it functions and this should cover legalities of usage.

    "SweetFX does not inject data into the EXE of the game.

    While people call the shader mods injectors, they are not code injectors in the original meaning of the word, in that they do not inject code into another process, but have their own separate process.

    SweetFX is a set of shaders that run using the InjectSMAA dlls which is a Direct3D proxy dll that redirects the Direct3D render surface to another surface and then runs an extra shader pass on that surface before returning the output to the backbuffer."

    SweetFx and VAC - Steam Users' Forums

    That should about wrap it up any questions or comments feel free to post below.

    "time for some more coffee"
    --- Oct 16, 2016 at 10:22 PM ---
    Anti-Aliasing and Post Processing look good on mid as well in the end its always the end users preference that matters most when it comes to graphics.
    --- Oct 17, 2016 at 12:50 AM ---
    This alternate preset is a bit more extreme and has improved detail and lighting if that is preferred.







    Here's the zip package with that Preset if you already have installed the previous preset and want to try this one just copy the Sweetfx_Settings text from this one and paste over the old preset in the games Sweetfx folder.
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