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The Bigger Picture fixes,suggestions etc


Oct 13, 2016
So as many of you have found out from playing there are many things that can be improved on with the game, the game is of course in a alpha state and as such should be treated so, which means there ARE going to be issues, are going to be bugs and etc of the sort.

So lets get down the the bigger picture, what needs to be changed and what could change including suggestions.

So i am gonna just roll down this list

1: The U4 Intro

Way to long shorten it down no one needs to see 20 seconds of logo as the game starts up,the literal fix for this, just shorten it down to like 5-10 seconds.

2: The loading times of startup as a whole

Of course this will be better as the course of the game goes on, but for now if we have to wait a good amount of time sitting for a screen to load, maybe a suggestion, make the tool tips rotate over a few, maybe have type of animated background to keep our eyes entertained, many things could be done here, but i feel of course this will just be improved as the game progresses.

3: Quests and Paths

Now this is something i have been hearing a lot about it seems to be making quite a few people struggle at times too, so as we all know we grab the quests from the said npc and then we are told to go somewhere, now sometimes we have a general sense of where to go, but a lot of the times it is frustrating, So as with a lot of games i feel the quests in Project Genom are supposed to be a little intuitive which is not a bad thing, but people are struggling, the general suggestion here is maybe have way markers, lines for your character to follow, the glowing dot trail or something of the sort, if u need to find a specific character make sure its marked or u follow the trail to them, if its find so many of said item, dot trail and then have the orange overview of the area where said item is, now i know markers and areas are already in the game, but its the in between where people feel lost... where are these items? which areas are they even in, how the hell do i find this npc, its grueling tasks to be sure... So for the consensus here

Dot Trails (maybe or something similar)
Quests have the area they are in written somewhere so we knew at least where to be looking outside the ark or in who knows.
A little guidance to the said npc in any shape or form is always good, Improving the way people can understand quests is defiantly a priority as so many are being lost.

4: Servers

Now from what i have seen the devs are already improving on this issue so not much to be said, as long as eventually the latency for out in the world and input lag from pressing my trigger of my gun to the sound are fine i am ok. Not much else to say.

5:English Roadmap

Now i know the Game is made by Russian developers so not to much to be picky at here, but with the release on steam a lot of people have been interested in the game and want to see where is it going, there is already a Russian road map up, but would love to see that translated so we can all be excited for content to come.

6:Chat Channels, Parties and more

I imagine these will be coming eventually, but of course this is important also, Chat channel for the Ark, for general chat, of course make it so people can communicate easy, Having every one in one channel kinda gets clustered very fast, its nice seeing people help each other at the moment at least.

After speaking with others in game there are some other topics too

7: Levels

So some have said that maybe instead of being crazy getting hit a lot and shooting a lot, maybe some things should be level bound on the skills.. i am not to sure how i feel on this one but i feel it should be a talked about subject, when the skill trees get expanded we will see.

Please Feel free to add the this discussion,
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