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Mar 26, 2016
  • Revised mob AI
  • Added new mobs
  • Added new markers on the map
  • Added terminals with new equipment
  • Added new wandering traders
  • Added new items for sale
  • Added new quests: "Volunteer", "Garbage Cleaning"
  • Added player death animation
  • Added new animations to diggers
  • Added English localization of the third chapter
  • Added ammo boxes on the location
  • Added new boss: Infected Queen
  • Improved user interface
  • Improved the locations: Ark, Gimbler Lands, Harbinger Region
  • Fixed Beehive instance
  • Fixed quests: "Counterstrike", "Eco Monitoring"
  • Fixed a bug with nests
  • Fixed "Lost Droid" event error
  • Fixed a bug with the syndicates, groups, IMs
  • Fixed "Arena" instance network error
  • Changed some sounds
  • Rebalanced loot tables
  • Rebalanced mobs
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