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Vigor Roads and Project Genom, facts and FAQ

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Jul 8, 2015
DISCLAIMER: here is all the answers on your guys questions about Vigor Roads development and stuff from Community Manager for PG and game designer for both PG and VR a.k.a. BAGAMUT

SO before you start asking about where VR came from, will it influence PG development in some way, dafuq Neuronhaze is doing with it and etc., I (as I'm officially game designer for both these games) will try to give you the most precise and open answers.

How Neuronhaze started to develop Vigor Roads?
A group of talented developers noticed our studio, our teamwork style, our methods in communication with community, open and transparent. For some reason these developers could not continue to work on Vigor Roads on their own, so they decided to ask Neuronhaze if they could to be part of our team and continue to work on the project. We've estimated the project, its potential, professionalism of its developers and decided to take them along with their game into our company.

Why do you (developers) didn't report us (the community of Project Genom) right away that the company Neuronhaze may have one more project?
It took us some time to fully assess the situation. We have carefully studied the project Vigor Roads, estimated it literally "bolt by bolt". We also consulted with our friends from the big companies about the relevance of the term of the future solution. Only after we were 100% sure that the project Vigor Roads meets our high quality standards and has a huge potential for development - the decision was made on the adoption of this project under the banner of Neuronhaze. And immediately after that, we began to prepare to announce the project around the world and the community PG. In order to give you a 100% guarantee that the Vigor Roads is indeed a very promising project.

Will Vigor Roads development influence the development of Project Genom?
No and no again. As promised - all funds collected in the Project Genom development will be used solely for the benefit of the development of PG. Not one penny is gone and will not leave to one side. Both projects will be developed completely autonomously and independently of each other. People who work on the Vigor Roads are not involved in the development of Project Genom and vice versa. The only employee Neuronhaze presented in both projects is me - Nicholas BAGAMUT. In the PG and VR I occupy the post of game designer. But this will not affect the speed and intensity of our two development projects, due to the nature of my work.

How do you (developers) can confirm the full independence of development of these two projects?
The main guarantee for all of you once again becomes our openness. We could easily hide a second project and develop it by means of Project Genom. We could easily hang a new project on the temporarily registered company and doing business on her face. We could easily just say nothing. But, as you see, we are very open once again. We do not want to hide anything from you, because community is most valuable for us. Pave the way to gamedev by deception is not our choice. Only honesty, openness and transparency are the tools that we wielding.

Do you (developers) believe in success of the project Vigor Roads and why?
Certainly YES. We have thoroughly studied its structure, capacity, professionalism and developers and can safely say that the project on UE4 in the hands of skilled professionals will turn to kick-ass insane project.

At what stage of development is Vigor Roads project?
As of now (16/05/2016) the project is in the working pre-alpha version. Characters running around, cars \ characters shoot, jump on the bumps, turn and so on. From personal experience I can say that not many road projects submitted by alpha versions might show the gameplay, which can show our pre-alpha. If the campaign for raising funds for development will be successful, then wait for a working alpha version with an accompanying set of test and testers won't take long time.

Will the development team Vigor Roads carry the same open game, an open dialogue and to be constantly in touch, as is the case with Project Genom?
It is not even discussed. Policy of doing things, a dialogue with the community and interaction - it is the policy of our studio, and thus Vigor Roads and their community will get the maximum open dialogue, transparency in development, "live" the work of developers, rather than its visibility. All the same, as in the Project Genom.

What if Vigor Roads' Kickstarter will fail?
Because we are not going to use the funds from the Project Genom project outside of it, and the Vigor Roads may not provide himself - the only way out in this situation is a campaign to raise funds for development on Kickstarter platform. If the project fails and does not collect the minimum amount of assets - the work on this project will be frozen for an indefinite period. Due to the fact that employees need to feed their families, and therefore we have no moral right to ask them to work on the project for free. We wish with all our heart that the project Vigor Roads will be released and will be able to give gamers from around the world the thrill of hurricane action. No one ever saw the project like that one and we believe that the community will support Vigor Roads, thus not allowing it to sink into oblivion without being born.

Is there a way to support Vigor Roads?
- Vote on Steam Greenlight
- Tell your friends, family, community about this project
- Back us on Kickstarter
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