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Weekly Report Weekly Newsletter [#16]

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Oct 21, 2015

Greetings, friends! We are pleased to announce that all the update preparations are almost over, and we can finally share some information about the dates and stages of the gradual game transition to the new version.


July 28, 2017, we will launch a separate PTS game version This test will be a key step in the development over the last months and a starting point for the fast release of subsequent major patches and the game version update on Steam. We want to warn all players in advance that this version won’t be a full-fledged game. PTS version will be available to all players who have a Steam version of Project Genom and who want to test the new project architecture. Access to PTS will be available via a special form on the official website. We will give more details on it closer to the new version release date. The update is will completely change the whole project basis, both technically and visually, but the main purpose of it is testing the network part.

The update will be the full working basis of the game including:
  • New network architecture. It should fix most of the old bugs, lags, and freezes of the version
  • New server transition system
  • Stable seamless transitions in the open world.
  • Improved database.
  • Updated male and female characters with new controller and animations.
  • Character customization.
  • Updated opponents with a more advanced artificial intelligence system, having unique animations, behavior and combat features, and weak points. Diggers will be the main opponents for testing.
  • Updated user interface.
  • New open world, with an area of about 40mi², completely redesigned.
  • Practically completely reworked instances: Introduction, Harbinger, Dump, Diggers Cave, Infected Hive, Arena, Renegade Research Camp, Raiders Mine.
  • Dynamic day and night change.
  • New NPCs behavior system. Now NPCs have their daily routine.
  • Dialog system.
  • Many other lesser improvements.

Version won’t include a number of basic mechanics, such as characters leveling up and quests. These mechanics will be introduced gradually after successful testing of the new project basis.

Initially, we planned to release an update at the end of June, but internal tests revealed a number of flaws that slightly moved the deadlines. Launching the update will mark the beginning of mass testing, which will help us together with our players to decide whether the new network architecture is valid or not. In turn, the new version stability will determine how fast we will develop the project further.

We want to once again emphasize that the upcoming public tests will be of technical nature. If you don’t like alpha testing, searching for bugs and playing the raw project versions with many important game mechanics not available, we ask you to refrain from buying and testing the game before the beta stage or even later.

In addition, we’d like to warn everyone that up to the release, wipes aren’t just possible but desirable. Having the version released, we couldn’t avoid a wipe in connection with the full project reworking as well as a major rebalancing. In addition, many testers asked for the wipe. We love our players, and we want everyone to be equal at the start of the game, avoiding overleveled characters and imbalance.

Immediate Plans

After the project public testing, we aim at frequently releasing patches that will expand gameplay possibilities and add all the promised mechanics.

One of the first updates, which may even be included in the version will be the introduction of shotguns and sniper rifles.

An updated quest system will also be introduced in the shortest possible time. This system won’t be fully implemented in the version.

When we finish animating the female character, we are planning to make all the necessary models and animations for the opponents included in the release version of the game.

The next step after the quest system will be working out the playing character possibilities, namely leveling up with active and passive skills, transport, mechs, exoskeletons, covers, crafting.

The basic PvP capabilities will be probably worked on in parallel with the main tasks. The interaction between players, groups, and clans are a separate big task for us.

According to our preliminary forecasts, the working game version with all major mechanics will be released in the autumn or winter this year. In addition to the mechanic, It will include a complete storyline up until the player gets his/her first spaceship.


This week, we’re still working on the preparation for the project renewal. The network part, the database and the switching between servers should operate without failures, in connection with which we conduct a variety of non-stop tests.

Our team is finalizing its work on the character’s customization capabilities. After we complete the program part, we’ll begin implementing visual improvements to the customization interface, as well as the creating basic asses for it (scars, tattoos).

We’re improving opponent's artificial intelligence. In particular, a major reworking on the reward drop system was carried out. Now, this system works on a more complex algorithm.

Our team is also improving the project balance. This week, we’ve worked out the lists of quest rewards.


Desert area is being worked on. We create and improve landscape, roads, and vegetation.

The Infected Hive instance is complete.

This week, we’ve created and improved a number of some small objects for the desert area content. Some of these objects will be significant to the gameplay.

We continue creating the game models of the private cabin blocks.


This week, we’ve begun creating the high-poly model of the Dreadnought armored suit.

We’re still adding animations for the female character. This week, we started our work on creating all the necessary animations for a female character wielding an assault rifle.

This week, we completed the concept for the mech and its basic tuning.


Undoubtedly, the announcement of the PTS is the main event of this week. Despite a slight delay in the new game version release, the overall development is still going very well. We all hope that the version will be stable, because it’ll allow us to update the project quickly and on the constant basis, coming closer to the release version. Therefore, we launch a countdown timer on the official project website, where you can always see how much time is left before the launch of PTS.

We also want to remind you that we spend a lot of time constantly reading your thoughts and suggestions for improving the project that anyone can leave via the official game website, social networks, or discussions on Steam. And we’re grateful for your constructive feedback, whether positive or negative.


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Mar 25, 2016
Mech looks awesome... Dreadnought armor looks VERY promising... It's going to be interesting indeed when the test begins. Looking great so far, nice job to you all. :D
Dec 28, 2015
I'm really glad for the preogression of the game development, this news gives us a complete and more accurate vision of what' going on with the project preogression, the landscapes and the hive dungeon are just stunning, the team has made a really good job in creating and shaping the different landscapes by making them as simple as possibile while mantaining an immediate impact on the player on what he's looking( maybe the mountain landscape needs more difference with the flora of the land like the desert area). Apart from that the armors and the mechs designs are amazing and i really enjoy the passion that the team is putting while creating them, i appreciate a lot the fact that the team has given us a date for the release of the update (PTS), thanks to that we will be able to help closely the team and see by ourself how the game has changed since the beginning of this year.
I'm loving all the work that the team is making for us and for the project, i would like to thank them and all the community for the support given.
GG! And keep it up!


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Nov 8, 2015
nice cant wait to get my hands on this update and dig in glad to hear the project is starting to come together my have an excuse to burn some of that mount high payed time off I got lying around.


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Apr 9, 2017
I am beside myself with enjoyment right now. Such great news!
You know what... I'm going to buy myself a sweet PG gold package as a thank you to the devs and all the hard work they did. Stay motivated my dear developers!
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