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Weekly Report Weekly Newsletter [#17]

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Oct 21, 2015

Hello, friends! As Project Genom is drawing nearer to the PTS opening, we’ve prepared our weekly report on our progress so far.


Our team is still preparing the PTS. The updated project is being actively tested, and we fix various network issues.

This week, we continued working on the customization settings. Our main task over these days was to work on customization storing in the database.

We are working on the NPCs’ adjustment and debugging. The Project’s testing revealed a number of NPC flaws that we intensively correct.


This week we’ve finished our task on creating the basic environment for the desert area. New plant species, stones, textures, and also some settlements have been added to the location. Since this area isn’t related to the storyline, we’ll continue with a more thorough work a little later.

This week, we’ve begun finalization of the Arena location. It is a small underground cave where scientists explore special arcanum minerals. Players will be able to fight off the advancing enemy waves at the Arena to protect scientists and their equipment. Many saw this location in the game trailer, but as we reworked the project, added the day and night cycle, replaced tonemaps and some visual settings, it has become necessary to rework this location too. In addition, we want to improve the gameplay and add more details.

We’ve almost completed creating game models game models of the private cabin blocks and collisions.


This week, we completed the high-poly model of the Dreadnought armored suit.

We’ve also completed all animations for the female character wielding an assault rifle. And we started working on corresponding animations with shotguns and sniper rifles.

We decided to add a few more tuning elements for the mech, namely: armor upgrade and two additional types of weapons (plasma and laser). This is necessary for improving the technical aspects of balance and data storage.

Our team has begun creating the basic body marks for customization (tattoos and scars). We don’t plan to add a large number of marks at the current time, but we try to make them as visually diverse as possible. We would also like to mark sets according to your wishes and preferences.


At the moment, our main task is to prepare the project for the successful launch of the PTS available to all our players. On the other hand, we are actively working on the game design, creating assets, animations, locations, writing script and other game aspects that will be added to the game with the regular patches after public testing is over.

And once again we want to remind everyone considering purchasing the game that it’s still in its alpha phase, and we don’t recommend buying it if you expect a full-fledged finished project. Purchasing the game now you support the development and have an opportunity to see its early stages. If you want to enjoy a full game experience with the maximum number of game mechanics and no critical errors, we advise you to wait until the game enters the beta testing phase or even later. The nearest PTS will also be the alpha version and won’t present the game in its final state.


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Apr 9, 2017
Those tattoos look great! You should also add some Maori and/or tribal tattoos. I think those would fit the survivor theme of PG well.


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Dec 27, 2016
Can't wait. Miss PG so much. Still playing once in a while just for my PG habit !


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Nov 8, 2015
Nice I like those tattoos good work I have always liked a lot of options when making my charcter I also enjoy be able to change that characters appearance from time to time without having to brake the bank. Can't wait for PTS.
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