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Weekly Report Weekly Newsletter [#4]

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Oct 21, 2015

Hello, friends! It’s been a week since the last Newsletter, so it’s time for another one. But before we start, we’d like to remind everyone who missed or paid no attention to our news about updates. At this moment no game updates are possible for technical reasons. We understand that updates are far better than news, but we won’t be able to update the current version of the project until the code is processed.


Leading programmers of the project continue working. They spent most of this week improving it and fixing the flaws revealed by the recent testing. There is no point in tackling with new tasks and expanding functionality over existing errors until the game stability reaches the proper level.

There also were numerous improvements done to the NPCs and artificial intelligence this week. Non-player characters and opponents should be paid special attention, as they are important elements of the gameplay.

Some minor changes were done to the interface. We improved the tooltips with enemy info and added HUD elements for logs.


We continue developing the large Dump dungeon. This level is gradually expanding with new unique details, interesting story events, and mechanics. To date, our progress on this level is over 70%, so its completion will require a few more days of work.

This week, we almost finished working on the first several miles of the game world, but it’ll take a couple of stages before the final design variant is agreed upon.

Up to date, we’ve done the work on the selective filling of the main interest points.

We’ve completed the stage of detailing improvement and creating smooth transitions between the earth and other surfaces by decals overlapping.

Another small yet important step was the work we’ve done creating rivers. Crossing the rivers will diversify possibilities of moving around the world and open up opportunities to introduce some mechanics.

This week, we completed creating and generating the basic vegetation in the landscape. It’ll help us do the further level work much faster.

The game takes place on open spaces of Avalon, a terrestrial planet yet not totally Earth-like. Although the conditions are very similar to our native planet, but there are some significant differences in evolution, and the basic vegetation now lacks some characteristic alien features. In this regard, we began creation of a layer with unique Avalonian plant species.

Avalonian plants, like the ones on the Earth, are suited to absorb red and blue sunlight spectra due to chlorophyll. That’s the reason for the green vegetation predominance. The chlorophyll-free photosynthesis is being gradually forced out of this world because of its extremely low efficiency. At the same time, there are small differences in Avalonian evolution, as a special radioactive mineral — arcanium — is present on the planet, and it helps some forms of vegetation to survive. High levels of anthocyanins add the characteristic violet and red color to the chlorophyll-free plant, and the arcanium molecules add bright pink color and even phosphorescence to a number of species.


This week, we’ve created the concept of high-level armor for male and female characters. In addition to the increased stats, the new armor set will be distinguished by a unique feature — active protection complex. Thanks to a number of low-range antigravs, small armored plates will be levitating at a low distance from the main suit, thus making the character look more handsome, at the same time providing cover from blows and critical hits in the back.

This week, we’ve added basic male character heads for different races with full skinning.

For customization, we’ve introduced ten initial beards and mustaches for the male character.


18 new animations for six different actions were added for non-player characters.


At the moment, five story chapters have been reviewed and improved, now they’re waiting for partial proofreading and translation. This week, we continue working on some side quests making them more interesting. New quests are also being written.


There were no memorable or very specific moments this week, just the usual development. Neuronhaze Team works hard to make the project better, greater, and deeper than ever. We thank everyone for your feedback, discussions, suggestions, and criticism. It really does help us!

We’d also like to remind everyone who suggests buying the game, that it’s in the alpha stage. So we strongly recommend not buying it if you expect a full-fledged finished project. We advise you to wait until the game enters the beta testing stage or even later if you want a full game with all possible experience.


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Jul 31, 2016
Can't speak for others but I'd rather wait to get highest possible quality update later, than a shoddy and unfinished one earlier.
And as ever: Good luck for the whole team! ;)

PS: Female animation with raised hands looks hilarious :LOL:


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Nov 8, 2015
thanks for the update I like the armor looks really cool. Also can appreciate the work being done on NPC animations good NPC animations make the game world feel that much more real and life like.
Dec 28, 2015
Well done!
I really appreciate the work that you've made on the different starting character, by giving them more deep personalization and because of that gaining more interest from the players in the game itself.
Congratulations to all the member for all the work and good luck for the future!
Working hard as always ; )


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Mar 4, 2016
@Jumuro send me the complete draft for the story line of chapter 1-5 and I will make a full review out of it.

I don't like playing video games with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

I'll do it free of charge as I promised someone not to be an asshole for a month.

mailto: lowasserd@gmail.com
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