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Weekly Report Weekly Newsletter [#43]

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Oct 21, 2015

Greetings, friends! First of all, we wish Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates this wonderful holiday! Let everyone have peace, love, tranquility, and patience in these troubled yet very good times.

People in many countries of the world are celebrating and enjoying the festive mood but we’d like to share our weekly report on the work we’ve done over the last week for those who will happen to check the development progress.


Currently, our team is testing and debugging the quest system. Over this week, we added a number of fixed and corrected various flaws:
  • Added the new version of quest awards.
  • Fixed working with several map tags for one object.
  • Fixed the stuck Shift key issue that appeared after a player interacted with something.
  • Fixed the initial level shooting issue.
  • Character rotation is set to default in movement-stopping triggers, for example quest-receiving triggers.
  • Fixed incorrect character rotation when the player is holding RMB.
  • Fixed the issue with rifle being teleported from hands behind the back when changing weapons.
  • Fixed the issue with doubled weapons after using the quad bike.
  • Fixed the trading terminal work.
  • Fixed the issue with the stuck red color from the cross-wire.
  • Refactored (reworked the code for better understanding and easier error-fixing) removal of opponents in the open world.
  • Fixed issues with journal quests being transferred to the completed category.
  • Removed unnecessary sounds and movements when changing holstered/sheathed weapons.

Our team is still working on the Mech system.

This week, we’ve updated our Trello board that includes brief information about the current development stage, the work we’ve done, and what’s being tested. If you missed some news but want to get a short summary, visit the page by clicking the following link: Trello


This week, we completed the basic map and added all major sites, such as the Ark, arched stone structures, large buildings, giant alien plants, etc. The rocks that make up the visible world borders were transferred as well. In addition, we backed the normal maps to further improve the visual component. Further work on the map will continue at the stage of the main quests finalizing as there’s a lot of work to be done on the game world, especially with quest points. At this stage, we’ll work with the terrain and details, which will inevitably lead to changing many areas of the map. At the moment, the map will help in testing the game world, namely tags, areas, and tasks.


This week, we finished the low-poly model for the male version of the eighth series armored suit. We also created all necessary textures, added the model to the engine and set up the configurations.

We’re still creating animations for the male version of the “Imp” organic cover.


Our team is working on the project. As the New Year dawns upon us, it’s getting more difficult to wait, but we believe that we should take our time to make the game come out as we’ve all imagined it to be.

We’d also like to remind you that at the moment the main work on the project is done on the PTS servers. We’ll transfer the updated project to the main server only after we finish and successfully test the quest system. Now all players who want to see that the project is moving forward have an opportunity to take part in PTS testing. To take part in the test, you must have an activated copy of the game and follow the registration as described on this page:

Steam Community :: Group Announcements :: Project Genom

And, once again, we want to remind everyone considering purchasing the game that it’s still in its Alpha stage, and we don’t recommend buying it if you expect a full-fledged finished project. By purchasing the game now, you support the development and have an opportunity to see its early stages. If you want to enjoy a full game experience with the maximum number of game mechanics and no critical errors, we advise you to wait until the project enters the beta testing phase or even later.
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