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Weekly Report Weekly Newsletter [#48]

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Oct 21, 2015

Hello, friends! The game development goes on and here’s another traditional weekly report on the work we’ve done over the last week.


This week our team focused on improving chat and Mechs, as well as technical server processing. This week we have:
  • Finished working on personal messages.
  • Added a system for creating and deleting location channels. When a location is opened on the server, a separate local chat is created. The channel is deteled after all players exit the location and it’s unloaded.
  • Added chat connection with the database that provides adequate functionality.
  • Refined loading from the database. Chat command chatUser shows chat roles. Required for implementing the command system with GM priority (bans/disconnects/teleports).
  • Refactored loading in the character editor that allows correct testing by two and more characters.
  • Worked on the Mech’s camera, movement, jumps and dodges.
  • Began working on the Mech weapon tuning.
  • Redesigned the server configuration system.


The development of the game's world goes on. Our team is working on different parts of the terrain, adding new rivers, roads, rocks and details of the world.

Main work on the world of Avalon lies in adding and working on new points of interest based on the game plot. For example, we've added the transport service on the initial location.

We've added the first Almer transmitter. In addition to the plot one, such transmitters will be hidden in some parts of the world, and if found, they can bring a lot of benefits to the players. Or kill them.

Our team worked on the woodland area that is natural habitat for one type of gores. These big monkey-like creatures build huts from fallen trees and make a lot of troubles to travelers who have decided to cut the road and take a stroll near their houses.


Our team is constantly working on new and old side tasks and missions. This week, great importance was given to the Gunars, their history and influence on the world of Avalon. Each discovered ruins of this ancient civilization will tell a little more about the extinct race.


Work on the game continues, and we're constantly update the PTS servers, bringing new features and as well as new bugs, that players help us finding. We’d like to thank everyone who helps us make the project better. Without all of you, testing and developing the game would be impossible.

We’d also like to remind you that at the moment the main work on the project is done on the PTS servers. We’ll transfer the updated project to the main server only after we finish and successfully test the quest system. Now all players who want to see that the project is moving forward have an opportunity to take part in PTS testing. To take part in the test, you must have an activated copy of the game and follow the registration as described on this page:

Steam Community :: Group Announcements :: Project Genom

And, once again, we want to remind everyone considering purchasing the game that it’s still in its Alpha stage, and we don’t recommend buying it if you expect a full-fledged finished project. By purchasing the game now, you support the development and have an opportunity to see its early stages. If you want to enjoy a full game experience with the maximum number of game mechanics and no critical errors, we advise you to wait until the project enters the beta testing phase or even later.


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Oct 18, 2015
Great. How is quest system going, are we close to transfer to main servers?


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May 27, 2016
Good work, the only thing that feels annoying for me is the recoil in the PTS, it feels too frustrating. I liked more the Live server one.
Great. How is quest system going, are we close to transfer to main servers?
They said that the transfer will happend only and when the fully quest system is implemented without any sort of errors.
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