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Weekly Report Weekly Newsletter [#6]

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Oct 21, 2015

Greetings, friends! We’re ready to share our progress over the last week on the Project Genom development with you.


We're working nonstop to improve project's network part and the game base. This week we fixed a serious issue that didn't allow localization to work at all (we debugged the localization dashboard that duplicated targets every time the path was changed or engine was restarted).

The team fixed the controller bug when the character’s legs were bent at angles far beyond reason and law of physics not to mention physiology. Another fixed bug allowed air walking. We also fixed the issue with shooting sounds heard by the whole server regardless of the distance between the player and the sound source.

We continued working on and testing the functional points of interest ("Eyes”). Our programmers rewrote the mechanism of interaction with them and introduced the timer mechanics (progress bar filling for complex interactions).

The dialogues and NPC mechanics are being improved. This week we added the gender-based mechanics division for NPC points of interaction. Despite the differences in anatomy and animations it allows us to fully introduce NPCs of both sexes that can use the same point of interaction (for example, sit on a sofa).

This week, we created the basic set of surface physical properties (Physical Material). It is essential for interaction with different materials in the game. For example, different sounds of walking on metal and concrete, unique traces and effects from shots fired at glass or water. Physical properties were assigned for 2500 materials.


This week, we started the creation of a major plot dungeon for the fourth chapter. Raider research camp, developed under the Almer auspices, whose technologies we can see and even test directly at the location. The camp located is high in the mountains side by side with the Almer territories. In future, they will be very difficult to reach.

The first miles of the open world are coming closer to the final base version. We're working on final technical improvements. Several load levels are created for all objects for the purpose of optimization. Collisions for complex objects are also being corrected.

We're getting closer to the final stage of modeling objects for the scientific camp.


The concept of a new type of high-level armored suit with an active protection system is complete.


We continued working on unique plot non-player characters. Bodies are being fixed and remodeled according to new proportions and animations. We're improving faces and materials.

This week, we added several new NPC animations.

We also corrected the male character posture (fixed what looked like the hump and embarrassed players for a long time).


Digger mobs were transferred into the engine; there are major changes in comparison with the previous game version. We assigned special behavior and combat tactics for different types of Diggers. The team incorporated the functional for interactive points located on mobs and allowing to benefit from their weaknesses. For example, now you can shoot off the Female Digger’s abdomen causing severe damage and depriving it of some abilities. In addition, enemy's visual model also changes (Female Digger is still alive but continues fighting without a part of the body).

This week, some opponents received physical properties. It allows to improve visual impact in combat and add behavioral features in the future. For example, when a shot hits Digger, its body reacts to the hit twitching in accordance with physics.


By the end of the week, we can certainly say that we've done the major part of the work on creation of main large dungeons as well as the basic set of objects for most locations. In addition, the initial pack of animations for non-player characters is almost ready. It'll allow us to move on to the female character animation.

There’s still work to be done on the network and the basic game mechanics; this task is our priority.

We’d also like to remind everyone who suggests buying the game that it’s in the alpha stage. So we strongly recommend not buying it if you expect a full-fledged finished project. We advise you to wait until the game enters the beta testing stage or even later if you want a full game experience.
Dec 28, 2015
Wow, i'm amazed by the work that the team is doing, i'm really starting to see the potential of this game in which i always believed from the beginning.
I really like the animations of characters and mobs, the Digger one that is showed in the this weekly report, gives to him it a more accurate idea of an strange alien insect.
The way the team is putting his attenction in all the different aspects of the game it's amazing and i really enjoy the shape that the world is taking with the alien flora and the redesign that is going on in recent weeks.
Keep going also with the game optimization because i think it's a clever choice for the development of the game.
As always best of luck and GJ!

P.s the new armor it's badass


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Jul 31, 2016
New concept of armored suit looks interesting but it would be even more interesting to see a female variant, if it already exists?

You've made a good job last week!
Keep it up further!


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Apr 9, 2017
With regard to the network part, what are some of the problems you are facing right now?


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May 27, 2016
Wow, that looks sweet. Btw i always wonder how optimization is done, do you have to pass throught the whole game code or something ?
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