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What is the main gameplay loop is planned to look like?

Nov 26, 2017
Let me begin by saying that I've been interested in the game for about half a year, and I've been following Weekly Newsletters for about two months now (shout-out to markas10 at Project Genom's subreddit).

However, I still don't have a good idea on what game Project Genom is supposed to be. On one hand, the game is described as an open, living world, but on the other hand, newsletters talk a lot about quests and (if I recall correctly) quest locations. I'm not sure whether it's going to be a game where everything happens in open world, or where open world is more of a lobby for the core of experience of instanced content.

So, my question is: when you think of a typical play session for Project Genom, how does it look like? I know describing gameplay is actually pretty dang hard, but I'll settle for something simple, along the lines of examples below:


Main gameplay loop for Warframe:
  1. queue up for 4-person instanced content
  2. enter the instanced content
  3. do the instanced content
  4. rinse, repeat
Main gameplay loop for a generic MMORPG before end level:
  1. enter the open world
  2. go to a quest hub
  3. run around the quest hub, talk to NPCs, get quests
  4. go to a quest area
  5. spend some time killing fields of braindead, catatonic mobs that endlessly respawn on your eyes
  6. go back to the quest hub
  7. run around the quest hub, talk to NPCs, get rewards for quests
  8. rinse, repeat
Main gameplay loop for a generic MMORPG after end level:
  1. enter the open world
  2. assemble your raid group via in-game and out-of-game communications
  3. go to instanced content's locations with your raid group
  4. enter the instanced content
  5. do the instanced content
  6. get back to the open world
  7. rinse, repeat
Main gameplay loop for (long defunct) Firefall's beta:
  1. enter the open world
  2. wander around, killing aggressive wildlife
  3. notice Chosen Strike Team heading for allied watchtower
  4. chase CST across the map, trying to divert them from their objective
  5. fail to divert CST and watch as their approach the watchtower
  6. race past CST to ther watchtower to replenish health and ammo
  7. defend the watchtower from CST
  8. watch as another CST approaches the watchtower
  9. request reinforcements via game chat
  10. successfully defend the watchtower
  11. open world map, locate the nearest dynamic event, go to it
  12. pass nearly dead team of players struggling to complete event/thumping/fighting
  13. help the nearly dead team
  14. continue going to the nearest dynamic event, arrive at the event
  15. initiate the event, defend bike from bandits
  16. halfway through the event, a CST wanders into it and starts shooting you and the bandits
  17. shooting aggravates two seperate factions of local wildlife
  18. passing players are joining the battle
  19. try to survive and win ensuining 5-sided battle
  20. win the battle
  21. rinse, repeat, witness more chaos


TL;DR: Plese provide a description of gameplay loop, possibly along the lines of the examples.


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Jul 8, 2015
@Dragomok Hey, buddy, welcome to the jungle forums o/ Hard to describe at this point, but I’ll try to ask devs today ;) More like your second and/plus third examples, but I’m not sure about the mobs and instanced content.
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