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Yet another skill leveling system sugestion


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Aug 13, 2015
Hi guys, it came to my attention lately that we can be in deep ... at some point.
Like Schrodinger noticed in other post at some point we will lose ability to gain skill points due to no presence of mobs high enough to get skills from them. But even so if i remember correct we still get some poor xp for each kill, just no skills points. I would like to know why is that?
In my opinion it should be almost completely other way around, for killing lower level mobs you should get no or very little xp, and some small portion of skill xp, scaled to something, i would not say Your level, more like level of skill in weapon/armor your currently using.

Example from real life:
Your a human, been attacked by annoying fly. Now, killing that fly will not get you experience(or very very little), but sure as hell will require some skill and agility. Now if Your not some karate kid ninja person(who trained his agility very high) there is a chance(small or big) that You will blow it, and the fly will escape. But as You try and try, You will start to getting better in this, less and less flies will be able to escape You, your agility will get up(still little by little but always), maybe you will not gain level:)P) from that, but hell who know maybe if You kill milions of flies :p .
Or lets say Your amazing sniper, military and all, high ranks and stuff(max level :p ), but it does not mean that You can fight well with lets say katana, crossbow or i don't know chain whip. You start at being total rock bottom, well lets say not total rock bottom, your super sniper, you have eyes of eagle and good eye hand coordination, so You start at little higher ground that total noob. Still you know shit about fighting with that chain whip, and have to start from beginnings like everyone else, even the smallest progress is grate for You.

So in game terms, You may be badass level 55 assault, rocking heavy tank armor and assault rifle, but fighting in tactical armor with pistol(or blades in the future) is completely new to you. So why could You not get some points for doing that?

Ok my idea would require little changes, i think the biggest would be that skill xp Your getting fighting enemies would have to scale to skill level of equipment your using at the moment, aaaand maybe required points being asigned to that particular skill, not to general weapon skill pool. That last one would probably had to be used to put some restriction on people trying to cheat system using low level skill tree weapons and armors to level high level more. But if we would still get some points to skill even from lower level mobs, than i think I would not mind, this game is epic grind fest anyway, so why limit our fun in it.

Because in the future i predict some problems, if it don't change. This game is not that easy to level skills, so i don't exactly see myself making few characters just because I wanted to shoot stuff with rifle, but also stab with blades, and right now, with limited skill xp(killing things makes You level) its not that easy to get multipurpose like I would like to. Sure I could shoot things with low level weapons like someone suggested, but that feels kinda like cheating to me. Would much more prefer system that would allow my grinding munchkin soul to fully spread my wings.

Ok thanks for reading


Oct 27, 2016
Hi, i totally agree but many peolple, including devs, won't react until pvp starts cause then all this will be more important for them all cause they will see all that's implying :p
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