The game is available in two languages:

  • English
  • Russian

To switch the language, you can use CTRL + E for English or CTRL + R for Russian.

You can also use a settings menu (by pressing ESC):



  • WASD — walk;
  • Shift + WASD – walk fast/run;
  • Left mouse button – shoot/hit;
  • R — reload;
  • E — use object;
  • Q — take out/away weapon;


  • CTRL + H — hide interface;
  • I — inventory;
  • С — stats;
  • K — skills;
  • J — quest journal;
  • M — map;
  • Enter — write to chat;
  • H — help;


How to equip an item:

  • Open your inventory (press I);
  • Move the cursor on an item;
  • Right-click on the item;
  • Choose “USE”;
  • If it is a weapon, remember to take the ammo in the box;
  • To equip a weapon press Q;


Commands are entered into chat and work only during alpha-testing. Commands are used to help testers to resolve issues they may have without having to wait for the support service. The Project Genom development team does not recommend using commands without acute necessity.

  • /unstuck – teleport to a respawn spot;

Console commands:

To open console press ~.

  • t.maxfps – limit fps;

Interaction with objects

A player can interact with the environment, including*:

  • Terminals;
  • Ammo boxes;
  • Lairs;
  • NPC;
  • Quest items;
  • Interactive items;
  • Loot;

* the list of items will be expanded as the game evolves.

To interact with an item you need to approach the item and click E when you see it over the item.